Rambling 44: Ancient Advanced Civilizations

On this episode the philosophers discuss the possibility that ancient civilizations had advanced technologies and the mysterious disappearance of the Mayan civilization.

Exploring the ruins of the fallen Mayan civilization the duo uncovers a trail of clues that reveals a dark truth. The Mayan’s, as previously revealed in their calander, predicted a tragedy likely to strike Earth and lead to mass extinction sometime in the 2000s. Investigating the clues the duo realized every so often a mass alien invasion takes place. Humans harvested as discussed in episode 2.12. The proof is staggering. Seeking the knowledge on how the Mayan’s planned and escaped this impending Earthling doom the duo ventures into the Mayan pyramids to uncover all sorts of advanced technologies and a plan orchestrated by the Mayans crazy enough that is might have just worked! Find out how on this episode!!

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Topics Discussed

  • Buried Ancient Technology
  • Natures Creations
  • Ancient Nuclear Reactor
  • The First Intelligent Life
  • Intelligent Life Before Humans
  • Flat Earth
  • Hollow Earth
  • The Mayan Civilization
  • Advanced Technology in Ancient Pyramids
  • Alien Invasions
  • Mass Extinctions Events
  • The Matrix Survival Plan
  • Messages Left Behind by Advanced Intelligence

Rambling 43: The Search for Life

This episode the philosophers discuss Jack being on the Rob & Slim Show, Interstellar Travel and the possibility of the existence of Alien Life

The duo goes on a hundred thousand year journey to find intelligent life across the cosmos and set up colonies on different star systems. They begin with the Moon and Mars, gradually taking over the star system known as Sun. Once enough objects within the Sun star system are colonized, a fleet of robots are constructed and programmed to build a Dyson Sphere around the star in order to consume all its energy. With the energy safely stored, the duo leave the star system searching for life on other system and the empty space between them. Their course is set with a destination at the great void 200 light years across where they believe an intelligent civilization has captured multiple stars in Dyson Spheres. Will they safely arrive? Find out on this episode!

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Topics Discussed

  • The Rob & Slim Show
  • Interstellar Travel
  • Mars Colonies
  • Dyson Spheres
  • Radio Waves
  • Alien Technology
  • Science and Religion
  • Silicon Based Life
  • How Life Began
  • Scientific Search for Life
  • Extraterrestrial Visitations
  • Exploring Empty Space
  • Scientific Measurements
  • Metaphysics

Rambling 42: The Catholic Sinners

The critical thinkers discuss addiction in society and corruption in the Catholic church. - The philosophers are obligated to inform the authorities when KFC’s chicken doesn’t arrive. As Fast food outrage sweeps the nation because the citizens can’t get obese enough, the United States begins to share its addictive tendencies with the rest of the world. Desperate to sooner get the fast food fix, the citizens merge with technology slowly becoming an obese version of the Star Trek Borg. The public news media reporting on the tragedy of the missing chicken aims it focus at politics and begin to publish opinion pieces. In the midst of this madness the duo discovers the Catholic church’s child molestation app for mobile.

+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Random Outrage
  • Fast Food Addiction
  • Technology Co-Dependence
  • Obesity
  • The United Stated Corrupting the World
  • Merging with Technology
  • Political Shift of Media
  • Media Controlling Perception
  • Media Controlling Society
  • Opinion News
  • Corruption in the Catholic Church
  • The Church App
  • Catholics denying Child Molestation Charges
  • The Seven Deadly Sins

Rambling 41: Magically Technological Reptilians

On this episode the philosophers discuss intelligent life, reptilians, alien life and where advanced technology and magic meet.

In an investigation on the origins of magic the duo discovers humanity caught in a dampening field. Further investigating reveals it was designed by the Lizard people in a ploy to take over the world. They trace the dampening field to the Garden of Eden where they learn the Reptilians and Humans all came from the same garden around the same time. From there, confused, they teams up with some of the Reptilians and venture to higher dimensions through a rift in the garden to find God but only find creatures attacking the Global consciousness in the 7th dimension!

+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Reptilians
  • Advanced Technology
  • Intelligent Life
  • The Garden of Eden
  • Dampening Field
  • Dimensions
  • Science
  • Astronomy
  • Religion
  • Global Consciousness

3.02 Gods & Couches

This episode the philosophers are joined by Dave ‘The Klone’ of ‘The Hollow9ine Podcast Network’ and the ‘Tangent City Podcast’. They debate Alpacas, Alien Octopus, the Human Brain, Starwars and Reality.


In a secret underground laboratory odd and creepy experiments are conducted on animals and creatures of all sorts, some of which escape. Among them is the strange Octopus. A shape-shifting, camouflage capable creature of high intellect. Cristy, Dave and Jack roam the labs in the higher floors conducting experiments on the human brain, when one of these odd creatures stumbles in. The trio quickly pull out their scientifically accurate light batons and engage in battle with the creature. Little does the trio know, this monstrosity is capable of ripping open portals to other dimensions and so it does, escaping through the tear. In an attempt to find where the creature has ventured, the heroes explore space in search of a civilization that’s accomplished inter-dimensional travel. On their long journey they question what being alive even means. Finally coming across a civilization capable of inter-dimensional travel, they follow the creature to the 7th dimension, where God, the couch, rests watching a sports match before a screen of unlimited potential. The trio each asks a question of the Couch God. What is Reality? What is Infinity? And what is the Purpose? After getting their answers they finish watching the game with Couch God, enjoying the announcers from The Uneducated Experts Podcast. Shortly thereafter they venture to higher dimensions where they find the octopus playing Horizon: Zero Dawn where the beings are creatures of lower dimensions. They destroy the octopus once and for all and head back in time to watch serial killer documentaries on Netflix.

All that and more on this episode of The Just Conversation Podcast.

Take Nothing Personal.

+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed:

  • Experiments
  • Strange Animals
  • Llamas, Alpacas and Octopus
  • The Human Brain Functions
  • Computerized Brains
  • Robots
  • Starwars and Light Sabers
  • Star Trek
  • Scientific Inaccuracies
  • Reality
  • Infinity
  • Couches
  • God
  • Higher Dimensions
  • Space Exploration
  • Alien Visitations
  • Vegans, Vegetarians, Organic Food
  • Religions and their Similarities
  • Looping Reality
  • NPCs
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn
  • Marriage & Last Names
  • The Uneducated Experts

Rambling 40: Difficult Choices

On the episode the philosophers drop the tone to discuss making difficult choices in order to follow our dreams and the many things that get in the way of seeing our choices clearly in the first place. From religion, to family, to culture and even the mere idea of judgement, the philosophers dive deep in this more serious episode.

+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Raising a Child vs Following out Dreams
  • Ideologies that hold us back
  • Pressure from friends and family
  • Religious restraints and crutches
  • Giving advice
  • Listening to those in need
  • Being selfish by choice
  • Working for no reason
  • Not understanding love
  • People with excuses
  • Waking up early to create
  • Being the example of success for our children
  • The goal isn’t happiness or money, it’s purpose
  • Dear White People
  • Religions and Cults
  • The Easy way
  • Technology ruins us

Rambling 39: The Dark Side of the Moon


On this episode the philosophers discuss the current experiments being run by China on the ‘Dark Side’ of the Moon, current and future events in astronomy and the state of space exploration as a whole.

A swarm of robot snowmen designed by twisted government experiments force our philosophers into a last stand for the survival of humanity. Unable to save the world from these apocalyptic events and the Itunes virus slowly corrupting machines the philosophers help build two space colonies. The first is stationed on the dark side of the moon with the Chinese colonists and the other on Mars with NASA. In the process of building the colonies the power of the Enterprises warp capacity is brought into question and the future of humanity as a whole is brought to the brink of extinction.

+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed:

  • Robotic Technology
  • Robot Snowmen
  • Military Experiments
  • Types of Apocalypse
  • Experiments on the Moon
  • “Dark”
  • Star Trek
  • Warp Travel
  • Space Exploration
  • Space Colonies
  • Stellar Travel

Rambling 38: Base Reality

On this episode the philosophers Ramble about what constitutes nature and what Base Reality must be. With a microscope and telescope they study the structure of Infinity’. A vortex is opened in order to understand the physical shape of ‘Nothingness’. The philosophers create God using the power of Reality and then alter his degree of consciousness. Perception without senses becomes possible, but translating what is perceived proves challenging. The mayor of Flow State is brought in to get Runners High with the duo. And Writing Tricks!

+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • The Nature of Reality
  • Raw Information
  • Realities Dominated by Nothingness
  • God Existing Within Reality
  • Consciousness by Degree
  • Perception Without Sense
  • Thinking Without Senses
  • Flow State
  • Runner’s High
  • Writing Tricks

3.01 Meat Canyon & Therapeutic Art

This episode focuses on motivation to create and how many people struggle to break from their cycle of excuse making in order to pursue their dreams in the first place. We all want the success but refuse to do the grind and hard work that’ll lead us to it in the first place. First the philosophers discuss the Marie Kondo 30 Books craze and how the social structure is of outrage culture at the moment. Then, Jack has a sit down with cartoonist Hunter Hancock of the animation Youtube and Instagram channels ‘MeatCanyon’ to discuss art, creation, motivation and goals. The creator discusses what interests him about art in the first place. His views on mainstream art and the over-saturation of money fueled safe art instead of risky creativity.


Story: the Philosophers are joined by Hunter Hancock of Meat Canyon animations. Together they help emperor Palpatine get back to his previous glory as ruler of the galaxy by teaching him to practice his skills in order to improve them. Palpatine takes a dark turn when he clearly doesn’t understand comedy structure and makes a bunch of cancer and rape jokes. The philosophers and Hunter teach him to not take his art too seriously, but Palpatine quickly sells out for the money train. Soon thereafter, Palpatine joins the media binge movement that is destroying societies attention span. Finally, the philosophers and Hunter play a game of Dungeons & Dragons while watching Kristen Stewart in Disney films.

All that and more on this episode of The Just Conversation Podcast!

+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Practicing Skills to Improve Them
  • Overtly Polished Unoriginal Work
  • Difficulties of Writing
  • Understanding Audience
  • Learning Comedy Structure
  • Original Artistic Work vs Familiar
  • The Therapeutic Nature of Art
  • Not Taking Our Creativity Too Seriously
  • Comic Books vs TV Cartoons
  • Creators Playing it Safe
  • Art Run by Money
  • Societies Shrinking Attention Span
  • Binging Killed The Excitement of Waiting
  • Ozark on Netflix
  • Politics and Over-Sensitivity
  • Mainstream Anger & Rage
  • Every Road Leads to Money
  • The “No Time” Excuse
  • The Devil’s Hockey Team
  • Creating Is Weird
  • Rich People Problems
  • Abusing Expectation when Creating
  • Alex Grey
  • The Instagram Easy Route
  • Weird Instagram Accounts
  • Video Game Addiction
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • How to be Successful
  • Religion, The Popularity Contest
  • Life Cycles
  • Disney Live Action Abortions
  • Starwars Sucks

Making A Scene 3: Time Travel & Cat People

On this episode the philosophers go on a road trip and encounter a merchant selling tickets to the future. Too scared its a hoax that’ll take their lives, the duo sets out to investigate the merchants “time machine” only to discover its part of a plan to save the future humans from being doomed and enslaved by cat people.

+ Episode Details

  • Time Travel to the Future
  • Time Travel to the Past
  • Altering Timelines
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Cat People
  • Humans from the Past
  • The Butterfly Effect
  • Advanced Technology
  • Playing God

Rambling 37: Heaven's War

On this episode the philosophers get religious! First they sell their souls to the Devil. An interview with an angel reveals what the difference between a Demon and a Fallen-Angel. After the interview they cross the pearly gates with a backstage pass and get a chance to ask Jehovah why people think he’s omni-anything if he’s just a Demi-God. To the surprise of the philosophers Zeus happen to be visiting his brother and they managed to get a sit down with him too. A war between gods and corrupt angels is revealed to be taking place in heaven. Luckily, The United States of America steps in last second and saves the day. New biblical characters are introduced. Jehovah reveals interesting subplots that didn’t make it into the Bible’s final draft. Brothers Lucifer and Jesus open up about their controversial conflicts with one another. The philosophers dissect the BREAKING NEWS of angels ignoring the Law of the Butterfly Effect by telling humans the future. Dragons and Dinosaurs turn out to be one and the same. The philosophers meet the Immortal Adam and Eve. And Jesus displays his X-Man powers.

+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Selling Souls to the Devil
  • Lucifer’s Job
  • Demons & Angels
  • What God Knew
  • God’s Plan
  • Demi-Gods
  • Heaven’s War
  • War Between Gods
  • Angels Turning on God
  • America Claiming to End Wars
  • Bible Reading
  • Biblical Characters
  • Jesus & Time Loops
  • Human & Angel Age Difference
  • Christianity
  • Human Cows to God
  • Angels with Future-Sight
  • Dragons & Dinosaurs
  • Immortality
  • Adam & Eve

Rambling 36: Stellar Darwinism

On this episode the philosophers discuss non-human intelligent life on Earth. They unpack the complex societal networks of trees. The symbiotic relationship between wind, clouds and lightning. And the three major factions of Earth are discussed. (Marine, Grounded and Avian)

+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Intelligent Life
  • Tree Root Networks
  • Wind Behavior
  • Planetary Communication
  • Living Matter
  • The Purpose of the Galaxy
  • Space
  • Pokemon
  • Stars
  • Black Holes
  • The Life Journey of Energy
  • Growth
  • Jeff the Talking Deer

Making A Scene 2: Saw 10 The Maze

On this episode the philosophers get jokie for the first time. They drop the serious charade and have a little fun with their pitch for Saw 10: The Maze.
There were good times. There were bad time.
There was The Just Conversation Podcast: Making A Scene

2.12 The Christmas Cage & Satan Claws

On this Christmas edition the philosophers are joined by Dave ‘The Klone’ (founder of The Hollow9ine Podcast Network) for “woke” conversation. The trio worships materialism to get into the holiday spirit and please Santa. Young children are handed fresh copies of Mortal Kombat and shown slasher flicks. The Matrix simulation gets hacked by a troll using God-Mode. They stage a war to harvest souls. And alternate facts are explained.

All that and more on this episode of The Just Conversation Podcast.
Take nothing personal.

Dave ‘The Klone’ - The Hollow9ine Podcast Network

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Rambling 35: Aliens & Consciousness

On this episode the philosophers discuss which side of the ‘Intelligent Life Hurdle’ humanity is on. They use the war between the spiders and mice that dried up Mars as an example of a failed civilization. Earth clouds become the number one candidate for the first Civilization 1 life-forms. And Zuckerberg turns out to be a Robot.


Rambling 34: Perspectives On Death

On this episode the philosophers ramble on about the positive sides of death. Jack dies of a tumor and finds himself in limbo, trapped in the memories of the living who’ve not yet forgotten him. Cristina destroys all the scarves to free his soul. On the other side, Jack discovers God is an omipresent & omniscient apple.


Rambling 33: The Electronics Conspiracy

This episode of the JCP the philosophers work hard to pay for the freedom of billionaires. They discuss the huge cage they find themselves trapped inside and use their portable electronics to find a way out and back to nature. They debate whether they made the right choice by escaping to the wilderness to live off of the grid. After conning millions of people from the safety of the woods they leave the country entirely and go live on a private island.

Take Nothing Personal

2.11.02 LSD Monks & The Lake Monster

On this continuation of The Just conversation Podcast part 2 of the conversation with Dave of The Hollow9ine Podcast Network. The philosophers discuss the magic tablets stuffed in their hats. Technology turns out to be humanities way of creating their own version of nature while discovering they themselves are just a cancer growing on the skin of earth. Monks think their way into the best LSD trips ever. The giant lake monster is released. Dave gets sucked into another realm after fiddling with a mysterious portal. Everyone turns out racist. Humans turn out to be angry because they’re bored and poverty becomes a must for society.

All that and more on this episode of The Just Conversation Podcast.
Take Nothing Personal

- The Hollow9ine Podcast Network


2.11.01 Thanksgiving & The Illuminati Attack

On this episode the philosophers are joined by Dave “The Klone,” founder of the Hollow9ine Podcast Network. The trio are on site at Government Con showing off their Jaws themed cosplay. There they network and find themselves sucked into the world of directors. Using their newly acquired directing skills they attempt to create something with strong commentary on Jehovah’s beef with snakes. Shortly thereafter the debate of whether Jehovah is Zeus’ brother or not breaks out. Just as the debate is getting too woke the Illuminati attacks the podcasting studio cutting the conversation with Dave short.

All that an more on this episode of The Just Conversation Podcast

The Hollow9ine Podcast Network

Rambling 32: The God Conspiracy

This episode the philosophers visit Jesus in the middle of a house building project. He turns out to be a time traveler on a missions beyond the understanding of our simple primitive hosts. Jesus attempts to explain how the concept of god was made up by him traveling to different periods of time, but the hosts refuse to believe him and tell him god is real. All that and Sunday drinks with Jehovah on The Just Conversation Podcast.

Take Nothing Personal.