Critical thinkers Jack Thomas & Cristina Collazo discuss all range of topics in simple childish ways. With rampant speculations clarified into horrifying possibilities and conspiracy theories and an occasional guest in a no-holds-barred discussion, learning how absurd the universe can be is unavoidable. Philosophical. Scientific. Uncensored. Politically Incorrect. Objective. Analytical. Thoughtful.

A show for Stoners, Drunks and Intellectuals alike!

The Just Conversation Podcast ”Take Nothing Personal”

Ask the Critical Thinkers Questions
Interested in getting thought out answers to questions? The true pressing issues in your mind? Well, Cristy and Jack are here for you! Ask anything from relationship questions to physics, to philosophy! Suggest topics to discuss or thought experiments for them to conduct. This is your connection to The Just Conversation Podcast. Ask away!
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