Rambling 56: The Adrenochrome Conspiracy

The thinkers break down The Adrenochrome Conspiracy and play with some interesting hypothetical scenarios.

After being informed by NASA scientists that a trip to Alpha Centuri would be lethal unless their bodies were conditioned properly to withstand being displaced from time, the clone duo set off to find a way to improve their bodies. Their search leads them to the Freemason library where Cristina discovers a substance known as Adrenochrome. This might be the solution.

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Topics Discussed

  • Sponsors
  • Trip to Alpha Centuri
  • Superhumans
  • Clones > Superhumans
  • Cancer Powers
  • Tiny Reptilians
  • Vampires
  • The Illuminati
  • Aliens
  • Hollow Earth
  • Butterfly Genocide
  • Child Torture
  • Mars 2
  • Magic
  • Hunting Children

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Rambling 50: World Domination Conspiracy

The thinkers discuss the World Domination Conspiracy. Cristy explains to Jack the steps on the world domination checklist to be executed by the diabolical union of the UN and NASA.

After learning the government was hiding medical corruption from the people the duo investigated further uncovering a plan for world domination between the corrupt UN and NASA. With an elaborate plan the duo steals documents from one of their facilities and in them they find a complex checklist for world domination to be orchestrated in the near future. From technological manipulation to religious brainwashing. The findings are astounding. With no other options left the duo reports their findings to the Illuminati to deliberate a plan to save the world.

+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Floating City
  • Religious Brain Washing
  • Tortilla Jesus
  • Two way Telepathy
  • UN & NASA Takeover
  • Alien Invasion in Major Cities
  • The Rapture
  • World Domination Checklist
  • Manipulation Through Technology
  • Lucifer & Jesus Dynamic Duo

3.04.02 Follow-up: Psyops & Philosophy

Last week episode 3.04 guest Blake introduced Jack to the tragedy which took place in New Zealand. After the details of the attack were explained, Blake and Jack began to speculate on how this tragedy would shape the world and alter the minds of young individuals which saw the events play out via livesstream. Prediction were made after the analysis, one of which was a future of copycat killers. Several hours after the episode was uploaded a second tragedy took place in California with identical circumstances. A copycat Killer. Blake and Jack have decided on a follow-up conversation to discuss what has happened and how they’re predictions played out. And more predictions are made.

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Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/taps_snaps_podcast/

Topics Discussed

  • Mass Shootings
  • Terrorism
  • Trolling
  • 8chan
  • 4chan
  • Censorship
  • The Dark Web

Rambling 45: Human Experiments

The thinkers discuss the strange phenomenon in which doctors aren’t seen as scientists by society. From twisted experiments conducted on people to society taking a doctors words as nearly sacred while simultaneously believing scientists as a whole are working against society. The massive pollution problems threatening the pokeworld is also addressed.



While investigating the pollution problem plaguing the pokemon regions of the world, the philosophers encounter a strange sex ring being run by the adults in the regions. They’re using the pollution as a distraction. On their way back to inform the UN the duo is sidetracked by mysterious files depicting crazed experiments conducted by doctors in hospitals which the government has brushed under the rug. This redirects their investigation towards a darker secret the world hides.

+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Human Experimentation
  • Experiments on Children
  • Strange 40 year projects
  • Sacred Doctors
  • Doctor Scientists
  • Corrupt Doctors
  • The Past seen as Crimes
  • Pedophilia
  • Sex Rings
  • Fainted Pokemon
  • Killing Pokemon
  • PokePollution
  • Littering Problems
  • Sentient Garbage

3.03 Mental Illness & Mindfulness

Guest Jesus Pagan discusses mental illness caused by religion and the healing power possessed by the mind. Meditation and mindfulness are addressed. Round and flat earth are debated.

The philosophers are clued into twisted plans by the catholic church. The government brings the duo in to be briefed. They are to infiltrate the church and discover how it is using the western educational system to cause and promote mental disorders, focusing on schizophrenia. While across enemy lines, the duo is caught in the middle of a war between the round Earthers and the flat Earthers. Using their meditation ability they leave their physical forms behind, hidden safely away from the battlefield and they proceed to investigate the church from within the minds of the priests.

+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Systematic Abuse
  • Western Education
  • Mental Dysfunction
  • Mental Disorders
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • The healing power of the mind
  • Duality
  • Flat Earth vs Round Earth
  • Ecstasy
  • Religion & Mental Illness
  • Schizophrenia
  • Faith
  • Fast Food & Mental Illness
  • Religious Guilt
  • Depression
  • Judgement

Rambling 42: The Catholic Sinners

The thinkers discuss addiction in society and corruption in the Catholic church. - The philosophers are obligated to inform the authorities when KFC’s chicken doesn’t arrive. As Fast food outrage sweeps the nation because the citizens can’t get obese enough, the United States begins to share its addictive tendencies with the rest of the world. Desperate to sooner get the fast food fix, the citizens merge with technology slowly becoming an obese version of the Star Trek Borg. The public news media reporting on the tragedy of the missing chicken aims it focus at politics and begin to publish opinion pieces. In the midst of this madness the duo discovers the Catholic church’s child molestation app for mobile.

+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Random Outrage
  • Fast Food Addiction
  • Technology Co-Dependence
  • Obesity
  • The United Stated Corrupting the World
  • Merging with Technology
  • Political Shift of Media
  • Media Controlling Perception
  • Media Controlling Society
  • Opinion News
  • Corruption in the Catholic Church
  • The Church App
  • Catholics denying Child Molestation Charges
  • The Seven Deadly Sins

2.02 Athios & We Love Shows

On this episode of Just Conversation the philosophers have their thug team killed in battle during an Alien Invasion. We legalize prostitution to protest child labor. Science and Religion are revealed to have been the same thing all along. Trump gets the best comedian award. We stereotype. Things get stranger. Troy Baker takes Joe Rogan's 'The Joe Rogan Experience.' The Crown. And the God Athios is explained.