Rambling 46: Mass Hysteria

The thinkers discuss mass hysteria and how it’s affected people throughout time. As well as simulation games. The Outward video game and Vampires.

Hot on the trail of clues leading to true government corruption, our duo stumbles into a facility running virtual simulations with humans as experiments, having them trapped in weird farming simulations for months at a time. The goal? To cause a mass hysteria to later be replicated in the general population. Creeping and sneaking through the facility collecting clues the duo comes across files detailing plans from way back in the 50s explaining how to build a cult using music. Reading through the documents the philosophers discover that the band The Beetles were created to push the ideologies of Neo-Nazis. All that and more on this episode.

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Topics Discussed

  • Simulation Games
  • Farming Simulator
  • Racing Games
  • Outward the Game
  • Werewolves & Vampires
  • Lore vs Content
  • Dead Body Mutilation
  • How to Kill Monsters
  • Meowing Nuns
  • Mass Hysteria
  • Nuns Biting Nuns
  • Pokemon Epilepsy Episode
  • The Beetles Created Neo-Nazis
  • Charles Manson
  • Government Paranoia
  • Clowns Kidnapping Children
  • Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles

Rambling 45: Human Experiments

The thinkers discuss the strange phenomenon in which doctors aren’t seen as scientists by society. From twisted experiments conducted on people to society taking a doctors words as nearly sacred while simultaneously believing scientists as a whole are working against society. The massive pollution problems threatening the pokeworld is also addressed.



While investigating the pollution problem plaguing the pokemon regions of the world, the philosophers encounter a strange sex ring being run by the adults in the regions. They’re using the pollution as a distraction. On their way back to inform the UN the duo is sidetracked by mysterious files depicting crazed experiments conducted by doctors in hospitals which the government has brushed under the rug. This redirects their investigation towards a darker secret the world hides.

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Topics Discussed

  • Human Experimentation
  • Experiments on Children
  • Strange 40 year projects
  • Sacred Doctors
  • Doctor Scientists
  • Corrupt Doctors
  • The Past seen as Crimes
  • Pedophilia
  • Sex Rings
  • Fainted Pokemon
  • Killing Pokemon
  • PokePollution
  • Littering Problems
  • Sentient Garbage

Rambling 36: Stellar Darwinism

The thinkers discuss non-human intelligent life on Earth. They unpack the complex societal networks of trees. The symbiotic relationship between wind, clouds and lightning. And the three major factions of Earth are discussed. (Marine, Grounded and Avian)

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Topics Discussed

  • Intelligent Life
  • Tree Root Networks
  • Wind Behavior
  • Planetary Communication
  • Living Matter
  • The Purpose of the Galaxy
  • Space
  • Pokemon
  • Stars
  • Black Holes
  • The Life Journey of Energy
  • Growth
  • Jeff the Talking Deer

2.04 Hacking Skynet & Eating Pokemon

On this episode the philosophers, along with guest Ish six months later, discuss God's hate for snakes and rational relationships. Ish explains how to Hack and Canadian Politics just before a wall of zombies arrives. They create the attractiveness rating scale. The internet is discovered to have been God all along. Monkeys are cloned in the office. They hunt Pokemon for food! The body of cancer is analyzed under a microscope. They travel inside a black hole. Ish and Will argue about the rules of a fictional universe and they presume repeatedly and incorrectly. All that and more!