Rambling 59: The Truth Behind The Chupacabra

The thinkers attempt to reason down all the collected chupacabra lore and sightings throughout the decades.

After learning the secrets of magic from reptilians in Mars internment camps the duo returns to NASA HQ to brief the mission director and the scientists that they’ve acquired the necessities for them and the Subhumans to survive the trip to Alpha Centuri. While they wait to meet with the lead scientists they decide to break open the case of the Chupacabra and find out its true origins.

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+ Show Notes

Topics Discussed

  • Alpha Centuri
  • Coyote Chupacabra
  • Chimera
  • Scientific Experiments
  • Inbred Albino Dwarfs
  • Winged Snakes
  • Reptilian Alien
  • Bird Box Alien Shapeshifters
  • MewTwo
  • Alien Scientists
  • Diseased Animals
  • Deformed Animals
  • Blood Sucking

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Rambling 45: Human Experiments

The thinkers discuss the strange phenomenon in which doctors aren’t seen as scientists by society. From twisted experiments conducted on people to society taking a doctors words as nearly sacred while simultaneously believing scientists as a whole are working against society. The massive pollution problems threatening the pokeworld is also addressed.



While investigating the pollution problem plaguing the pokemon regions of the world, the philosophers encounter a strange sex ring being run by the adults in the regions. They’re using the pollution as a distraction. On their way back to inform the UN the duo is sidetracked by mysterious files depicting crazed experiments conducted by doctors in hospitals which the government has brushed under the rug. This redirects their investigation towards a darker secret the world hides.

+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Human Experimentation
  • Experiments on Children
  • Strange 40 year projects
  • Sacred Doctors
  • Doctor Scientists
  • Corrupt Doctors
  • The Past seen as Crimes
  • Pedophilia
  • Sex Rings
  • Fainted Pokemon
  • Killing Pokemon
  • PokePollution
  • Littering Problems
  • Sentient Garbage