Rambling 59: The Truth Behind The Chupacabra

The thinkers attempt to reason down all the collected chupacabra lore and sightings throughout the decades.

After learning the secrets of magic from reptilians in Mars internment camps the duo returns to NASA HQ to brief the mission director and the scientists that they’ve acquired the necessities for them and the Subhumans to survive the trip to Alpha Centuri. While they wait to meet with the lead scientists they decide to break open the case of the Chupacabra and find out its true origins.

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Topics Discussed

  • Alpha Centuri
  • Coyote Chupacabra
  • Chimera
  • Scientific Experiments
  • Inbred Albino Dwarfs
  • Winged Snakes
  • Reptilian Alien
  • Bird Box Alien Shapeshifters
  • MewTwo
  • Alien Scientists
  • Diseased Animals
  • Deformed Animals
  • Blood Sucking

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Rambling 52: The Truth Behind Chemtrails

The thinkers revisit the topic of chemtrails and discuss popular speculation of their origins.


With the cockroach war now just a memory and planet mars destroyed the philosophers get back to their usual routine of investigating in the name of the Illuminati. Not satisfied with the results on their first time around, the Illuminati sends the clone duo out to reopen the case of chemtrails and make a deeper dive than they did on their novice days. Digging through what chemtrails really are they discover a terrible tragedy kept secret by the governments of the world! A horrific attack on freedom of art and a literal mist to hide worst things coming out way!

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+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Redesigned Sonic
  • Game of Thrones Outrage
  • Creativity Police
  • Contrails
  • Pollution
  • Mind Control
  • Disease Spreading
  • Chemical Warfare
  • Weather Control
  • Planet X Impending Collision
  • Sun Star System
  • Inaccurate Predictions
  • Gravitational Storms
  • Asteroid Belt
  • Astronomy
  • Population Control
  • Poisoned Food
  • Bad Choices

Rambling 50: World Domination Conspiracy

The thinkers discuss the World Domination Conspiracy. Cristy explains to Jack the steps on the world domination checklist to be executed by the diabolical union of the UN and NASA.

After learning the government was hiding medical corruption from the people the duo investigated further uncovering a plan for world domination between the corrupt UN and NASA. With an elaborate plan the duo steals documents from one of their facilities and in them they find a complex checklist for world domination to be orchestrated in the near future. From technological manipulation to religious brainwashing. The findings are astounding. With no other options left the duo reports their findings to the Illuminati to deliberate a plan to save the world.

+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Floating City
  • Religious Brain Washing
  • Tortilla Jesus
  • Two way Telepathy
  • UN & NASA Takeover
  • Alien Invasion in Major Cities
  • The Rapture
  • World Domination Checklist
  • Manipulation Through Technology
  • Lucifer & Jesus Dynamic Duo

2.11.02 LSD Monks & The Lake Monster

On this continuation of The Just conversation Podcast part 2 of the conversation with Dave of The Hollow9ine Podcast Network. The philosophers discuss the magic tablets stuffed in their hats. Technology turns out to be humanities way of creating their own version of nature while discovering they themselves are just a cancer growing on the skin of earth. Monks think their way into the best LSD trips ever. The giant lake monster is released. Dave gets sucked into another realm after fiddling with a mysterious portal. Everyone turns out racist. Humans turn out to be angry because they’re bored and poverty becomes a must for society.

All that and more on this episode of The Just Conversation Podcast.
Take Nothing Personal

- The Hollow9ine Podcast Network


Rambling 21: Power Structure Conspiracy

On this Ramble the philosophers try to get to the bottom of the world's power structure in order to discover who is really running things and what their ultimate motives are. Deceptions and distractions uncovered in search of the truth! That and more!

Rambling 18: The Fake Moon Conspiracy

On this episodes the philosophers ramble about the Fake Moon conspiracy. The truth about the government having designed the moon is EXPOSED!
Intrigue! Mystery! Suspense! Action! Explosions! Deception! Drama!

1.01 The Start

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The Just Conversation Podcast

1.01 The Start

Philosophers Jack Thomas, Cristina Collazo and Jomar Cardec (AKA Reaper) have candid discussions about controversial topics, often hilariously making light of them.

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Topics On This Episode

  • Creative Support
  • Being A Soldier In The Military
  • Bad Tattoo Ideas
  • Nintendo & Video Games
  • Space Travel & Mars
  • Alien Mind Control
  • Awkward Teen Relationships
  • Humanity, A Cancer To Earth
  • Technology is Nature
  • The 9/11 Conspiracy