Rambling 56: The Adrenochrome Conspiracy

The thinkers break down The Adrenochrome Conspiracy and play with some interesting hypothetical scenarios.

After being informed by NASA scientists that a trip to Alpha Centuri would be lethal unless their bodies were conditioned properly to withstand being displaced from time, the clone duo set off to find a way to improve their bodies. Their search leads them to the Freemason library where Cristina discovers a substance known as Adrenochrome. This might be the solution.

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+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Sponsors
  • Trip to Alpha Centuri
  • Superhumans
  • Clones > Superhumans
  • Cancer Powers
  • Tiny Reptilians
  • Vampires
  • The Illuminati
  • Aliens
  • Hollow Earth
  • Butterfly Genocide
  • Child Torture
  • Mars 2
  • Magic
  • Hunting Children

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Rambling 41: Magically Technological Reptilians

The thinkers discuss intelligent life, reptilians, alien life and where advanced technology and magic meet.

In an investigation on the origins of magic the duo discovers humanity caught in a dampening field. Further investigating reveals it was designed by the Lizard people in a ploy to take over the world. They trace the dampening field to the Garden of Eden where they learn the Reptilians and Humans all came from the same garden around the same time. From there, confused, they teams up with some of the Reptilians and venture to higher dimensions through a rift in the garden to find God but only find creatures attacking the Global consciousness in the 7th dimension!

+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Reptilians
  • Advanced Technology
  • Intelligent Life
  • The Garden of Eden
  • Dampening Field
  • Dimensions
  • Science
  • Astronomy
  • Religion
  • Global Consciousness