Rambling 57: Questions About Time Travel

The thinkers try their best to answer listener submitted questions about time travel.

After using the hollow Earth reptilian portal to reach Universe 2, the duo settles down on Mars 2. Waiting for the Subhumans to return with reptilian teleportation technology to steal the planet and bring it back to Universe 1 with hopes of using it to re-stabilize the star system’s gravitational balance they answer questions about time travel and speculate on the possibilities.

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+ Show Notes

Topics Discussed

  • What could power a time machine? 4:12
  • Is it possible we’re in a time loop? 8:22
  • Would you rather travel forward or backwards through time? 9:42
  • How can we know time travelers aren’t altering history? 11:15
  • Mandela Effect
  • Dark Energy
  • Dark Matter
  • Parallel Universes
  • Is the butterfly effect real? 14:08
  • Wormholes
  • Will our molecular structure change if we time travel? 25:09
  • Have people already time traveled? 28:11
  • Is Time Travel really possible? 32:09
  • Is it possible to escape a time loop? 32:50
  • Is changing the past possible? 34:18
  • Is time travel also space travel? 36:51
  • Is time travel more likely than alien life? 41:46
  • Which major past even would you alter? 43:53
  • What is before the Big Bang? 49:30
  • Is far enough forward travel also backward travel through time? 50:21
  • If you traveled faster than light would time stand still? 53:26

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Rambling 52: The Truth Behind Chemtrails

The thinkers revisit the topic of chemtrails and discuss popular speculation of their origins.


With the cockroach war now just a memory and planet mars destroyed the philosophers get back to their usual routine of investigating in the name of the Illuminati. Not satisfied with the results on their first time around, the Illuminati sends the clone duo out to reopen the case of chemtrails and make a deeper dive than they did on their novice days. Digging through what chemtrails really are they discover a terrible tragedy kept secret by the governments of the world! A horrific attack on freedom of art and a literal mist to hide worst things coming out way!

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+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Redesigned Sonic
  • Game of Thrones Outrage
  • Creativity Police
  • Contrails
  • Pollution
  • Mind Control
  • Disease Spreading
  • Chemical Warfare
  • Weather Control
  • Planet X Impending Collision
  • Sun Star System
  • Inaccurate Predictions
  • Gravitational Storms
  • Asteroid Belt
  • Astronomy
  • Population Control
  • Poisoned Food
  • Bad Choices

Rambling 46: Mass Hysteria

The thinkers discuss mass hysteria and how it’s affected people throughout time. As well as simulation games. The Outward video game and Vampires.

Hot on the trail of clues leading to true government corruption, our duo stumbles into a facility running virtual simulations with humans as experiments, having them trapped in weird farming simulations for months at a time. The goal? To cause a mass hysteria to later be replicated in the general population. Creeping and sneaking through the facility collecting clues the duo comes across files detailing plans from way back in the 50s explaining how to build a cult using music. Reading through the documents the philosophers discover that the band The Beetles were created to push the ideologies of Neo-Nazis. All that and more on this episode.

+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Simulation Games
  • Farming Simulator
  • Racing Games
  • Outward the Game
  • Werewolves & Vampires
  • Lore vs Content
  • Dead Body Mutilation
  • How to Kill Monsters
  • Meowing Nuns
  • Mass Hysteria
  • Nuns Biting Nuns
  • Pokemon Epilepsy Episode
  • The Beetles Created Neo-Nazis
  • Charles Manson
  • Government Paranoia
  • Clowns Kidnapping Children
  • Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles

2.11.02 LSD Monks & The Lake Monster

On this continuation of The Just conversation Podcast part 2 of the conversation with Dave of The Hollow9ine Podcast Network. The philosophers discuss the magic tablets stuffed in their hats. Technology turns out to be humanities way of creating their own version of nature while discovering they themselves are just a cancer growing on the skin of earth. Monks think their way into the best LSD trips ever. The giant lake monster is released. Dave gets sucked into another realm after fiddling with a mysterious portal. Everyone turns out racist. Humans turn out to be angry because they’re bored and poverty becomes a must for society.

All that and more on this episode of The Just Conversation Podcast.
Take Nothing Personal

- The Hollow9ine Podcast Network


Rambling 26: The Multiverse

The thinkers discuss how our universe might be the multiverse to several universes created within it. Any universe capable of creation is a multiverse to all those creations. They discuss the infinite variety of universes. And how all the universes within our multiverse may have several branching timelines of their own. Video game developers are the gods of their video games. Gamers are less powerful demigods.

Rambling 23: Having a Panic Attack

On this episode curiosity takes the philosophers away from their usual goofy outlook and into more serious territory.
Cristina begins to have a panic attack during a recording session and the philosophers decide to investigate, in real time, how it occurs and what is occurring. How Cristina describes the sensations and emotions that might be associated with the panic attack. And then she reflects on the possible root of her having panic attacks in the first place.

2.04 Hacking Skynet & Eating Pokemon

On this episode the philosophers, along with guest Ish six months later, discuss God's hate for snakes and rational relationships. Ish explains how to Hack and Canadian Politics just before a wall of zombies arrives. They create the attractiveness rating scale. The internet is discovered to have been God all along. Monkeys are cloned in the office. They hunt Pokemon for food! The body of cancer is analyzed under a microscope. They travel inside a black hole. Ish and Will argue about the rules of a fictional universe and they presume repeatedly and incorrectly. All that and more!

2.02 Athios & We Love Shows

On this episode of Just Conversation the philosophers have their thug team killed in battle during an Alien Invasion. We legalize prostitution to protest child labor. Science and Religion are revealed to have been the same thing all along. Trump gets the best comedian award. We stereotype. Things get stranger. Troy Baker takes Joe Rogan's 'The Joe Rogan Experience.' The Crown. And the God Athios is explained.