Rambling 57: Questions About Time Travel

The thinkers try their best to answer listener submitted questions about time travel.

After using the hollow Earth reptilian portal to reach Universe 2, the duo settles down on Mars 2. Waiting for the Subhumans to return with reptilian teleportation technology to steal the planet and bring it back to Universe 1 with hopes of using it to re-stabilize the star system’s gravitational balance they answer questions about time travel and speculate on the possibilities.

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+ Show Notes

Topics Discussed

  • What could power a time machine? 4:12
  • Is it possible we’re in a time loop? 8:22
  • Would you rather travel forward or backwards through time? 9:42
  • How can we know time travelers aren’t altering history? 11:15
  • Mandela Effect
  • Dark Energy
  • Dark Matter
  • Parallel Universes
  • Is the butterfly effect real? 14:08
  • Wormholes
  • Will our molecular structure change if we time travel? 25:09
  • Have people already time traveled? 28:11
  • Is Time Travel really possible? 32:09
  • Is it possible to escape a time loop? 32:50
  • Is changing the past possible? 34:18
  • Is time travel also space travel? 36:51
  • Is time travel more likely than alien life? 41:46
  • Which major past even would you alter? 43:53
  • What is before the Big Bang? 49:30
  • Is far enough forward travel also backward travel through time? 50:21
  • If you traveled faster than light would time stand still? 53:26

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