Rambling 50: World Domination Conspiracy

The thinkers discuss the World Domination Conspiracy. Cristy explains to Jack the steps on the world domination checklist to be executed by the diabolical union of the UN and NASA.

After learning the government was hiding medical corruption from the people the duo investigated further uncovering a plan for world domination between the corrupt UN and NASA. With an elaborate plan the duo steals documents from one of their facilities and in them they find a complex checklist for world domination to be orchestrated in the near future. From technological manipulation to religious brainwashing. The findings are astounding. With no other options left the duo reports their findings to the Illuminati to deliberate a plan to save the world.

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Topics Discussed

  • Floating City
  • Religious Brain Washing
  • Tortilla Jesus
  • Two way Telepathy
  • UN & NASA Takeover
  • Alien Invasion in Major Cities
  • The Rapture
  • World Domination Checklist
  • Manipulation Through Technology
  • Lucifer & Jesus Dynamic Duo