Rambling 54: Questions About Aliens

The thinkers answer listener submitted questions about alien life in the universe.

After the Chinese government assisted using their Subhuman Directive to successfully shift the trajectory of Planet X away from Earth, the clones regroup at the Illuminati HQ to report the good news. While awaiting their chance to report the duo discusses feedback sent from the subhumans when they were on course to Planet X. The philosopher clones answer listener questions and speculate on the possibility of alien life in the cosmos.

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Topics Discussed

  • Are Aliens Real? 2:50
  • Fermi’s Paradox
  • Technology Resembling Nature
  • Hollow Moon
  • Best Alien Media? 8:55
  • Best Alien Representation? 11:45
  • Can Aliens Manipulate Perception? 13:37
  • Who Wins, Aliens vs Zombies? 16:07
  • Are UFOs Real? 16:54
  • Will Aliens Share Out Time Concepts? 17:22
  • Are Aliens Confined to Planets? 19:18
  • Will Aliens be Friendly or Hostile? 20:35
  • Will They Have Similar Technology? 21:30
  • Will They Pursue Science? 23:27
  • Have We Been Visited? 24:24
  • Would Alien Life Be Beneficial? 26:28
  • Could Humans and Aliens be Related? 28:02
  • What Would They Look Like? 29:46
  • We Do We Feel Extraterrestrial Life? 31:00
  • Would They Be Interested In Earth? 32:49
  • Could We Be Invaded? 34:13
  • How Would We React to Alien Life? 34:32
  • Is There A Contact Protocol? 35:18
  • Are Aliens Ignoring Us? 35:52
  • Where Are The Aliens? 37:17
  • Are Aliens and Religion Connected? 38:22

Rambling 39: The Dark Side of the Moon

The thinkers discuss the current experiments being run by China on the ‘Dark Side’ of the Moon, current and future events in astronomy and the state of space exploration as a whole.

A swarm of robot snowmen designed by twisted government experiments force our philosophers into a last stand for the survival of humanity. Unable to save the world from these apocalyptic events and the Itunes virus slowly corrupting machines the philosophers help build two space colonies. The first is stationed on the dark side of the moon with the Chinese colonists and the other on Mars with NASA. In the process of building the colonies the power of the Enterprises warp capacity is brought into question and the future of humanity as a whole is brought to the brink of extinction.

+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed:

  • Robotic Technology
  • Robot Snowmen
  • Military Experiments
  • Types of Apocalypse
  • Experiments on the Moon
  • “Dark”
  • Star Trek
  • Warp Travel
  • Space Exploration
  • Space Colonies
  • Stellar Travel

Rambling 36: Stellar Darwinism

The thinkers discuss non-human intelligent life on Earth. They unpack the complex societal networks of trees. The symbiotic relationship between wind, clouds and lightning. And the three major factions of Earth are discussed. (Marine, Grounded and Avian)

+ Episode Details

Topics Discussed

  • Intelligent Life
  • Tree Root Networks
  • Wind Behavior
  • Planetary Communication
  • Living Matter
  • The Purpose of the Galaxy
  • Space
  • Pokemon
  • Stars
  • Black Holes
  • The Life Journey of Energy
  • Growth
  • Jeff the Talking Deer