Rambling 42: The Catholic Sinners

The thinkers discuss addiction in society and corruption in the Catholic church. - The philosophers are obligated to inform the authorities when KFC’s chicken doesn’t arrive. As Fast food outrage sweeps the nation because the citizens can’t get obese enough, the United States begins to share its addictive tendencies with the rest of the world. Desperate to sooner get the fast food fix, the citizens merge with technology slowly becoming an obese version of the Star Trek Borg. The public news media reporting on the tragedy of the missing chicken aims it focus at politics and begin to publish opinion pieces. In the midst of this madness the duo discovers the Catholic church’s child molestation app for mobile.

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Topics Discussed

  • Random Outrage
  • Fast Food Addiction
  • Technology Co-Dependence
  • Obesity
  • The United Stated Corrupting the World
  • Merging with Technology
  • Political Shift of Media
  • Media Controlling Perception
  • Media Controlling Society
  • Opinion News
  • Corruption in the Catholic Church
  • The Church App
  • Catholics denying Child Molestation Charges
  • The Seven Deadly Sins