The Old New

The echoes of art bounce off the walls of innovation
Influence is comparable to teaching the method to someone hopeful to improve form
Replication with alteration
The new design inspired by the old blueprints
Tower tops have nifty middle parts stationed on a foundation
Brick stacking with warped familiarity and enhanced complexity
Synonymous with imitation is the act of creation

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...otherwise pitch black life
Roll the dice any chance I get
Where I am won’t suffice
I won’t tolerate shit

DNA spliced
Half human and half strive
Consuming my past life
Improving through wise eyes
Crucified by insane heights

Precise computing power
Applied with acrobatics

This robotic exotic product of “being” brought it
Not diplomatic but static
With anger I’ve had at it...

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Old Folks Home

...hide and seek while old Fred dies
With his dick tied to the TV
Two fingers up his ass
At least he tried to fuck the stars

Mary Mac just won a pool game with a ball of crack
Behind the reception counter
Hides a fatty
Some powdered molly
While she attends some hottie lookin’ for his daddy

Dan with his little badge ain’t shit
Imagine it, standin’ with his dick in his hands
Not doin’...

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Night Husband sparked dead shut
Rolled back because of head
Parked at the park’s shadows in the dark
Two wedding rings dropped in the coin tray and put away
Steamed windows rattle moans
Secrets whispers before going back home
“Let’s run away,” she says
As if it’s a game we’re playin’
Where we get to do and say anythin’
“Leave our marriages and children...

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A Second of Inspiration

...moments bring me to life
When I can be honest
And convey my mind
Happily I’ll comply

Fair huntin’ facts ‘cause talk’s cheap
Ten cents a minute plus tax fee

Trying to design the right rhyme to strike a chord
And enlighten the mind, of course
To fight and force
The light to shine on what the night hides inside it
And change the course

There’s nothin’ that’ll stop me
When I’m moving
When I’ve caught a groove smooth, It’s soothin’
Inspiration stops me choosin’
Fluent, it drives me cruisin’
Top down, shootin...

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Newborn Phobia

...overwhelms her and puts Stacy in a catatonic state of rapid contemplation.

Family wants to meet the newborn and Stacy’s agreed to fly to Arizona to introduce her lovely new daughter to them, but as the date of the flight approached the anxiety built up, the regret for agreeing settled in. Now, she must make a choice.

In Stacy’s mind a film replays the solution for the same problem the last time it came up, ten years ago. She drowned little baby Liz with the excuse that she got into the tub and filled it on her own. The police always sides with the mother...

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Come At Me

...word smith
Crafting a steel sentence
With sharp edges
To cut heads and wreck shit

The harps are played
By deranged angels
Estranged from heaven
After strange events led
To sketchy circumstances
In my bed

Words with guns
Hunt for fun
Someone’ll end up dead
Someone better run

The pen pops
Like a shotgun
Everyone flies, gone
Leaving a mark
Plunging a fool into darkness
That’s you when I’m done with this

I play around in my thoughts
Pump out bars that are scorching...

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Fight Me

...heart is true

This hate for you burns
Insane it hurts
This want to rid the earth
Of the dumb shit that its birthed

We’re gonna fight
I’m gonna kill the lights
Stalk you from the shadows
With a fork and knife
Barbeque sauce
A side of fries
A glass ketchup bottle
Broken in half
To stab you with
The other half I made you swallow
We’re gonna have a blast
We’ll have a laugh
Memories that’ll last

You’re confused
I’m no thug
I’m a psycho
A monster

Pull up to your lawn
In a white van
Windows gone
Your late wife behind the wheel
Decomposed I suppose
I step out with a AK
Alongside your kid
You thought he dead
Been missin’ for years
But here he is
UZI in each hand
That little kids a real killer
Give em what he ask for
I wouldn’t want to push...

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...packed detail into layers under the surface. Excess fat gets cut and disposed of to expose the purest diamonds remaining amongst the rubble of applied pressure and infrastructure collapse. The wisest minds construct complicated yet delicate geometric intricate patterns in stories erected alongside others that are all held together by their singular thread. If pulled, then shattered, shredded. Marble sentences crushed into single words with universes compressed into every letter in ways that’ve not been heard. A fantastic graveyard of blurry vistas, colorless paintings...


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Blue on Black Crime

...shut up and stay. On your knees and don’t move, you don’t want to know what happens if you do. What’s in your pocket? A fucking knife? Trying to gamble with your life? Don’t have a wife or someone who cares if you don’t return tonight? Pathetic. Open your mouth and eat this. That’ll teach you a lesson. To walk around these streets with a weapon and threaten civilians. ‘Cause you don’t know no better”

“No. I know my rights and I refuse to do degrading shit to amuse you”
“Who the fuck you think you’re talking to?”
“I’m talking to you...

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After The Breakup

The brillo pad screeches muffled as it moves off the rough dry blood and scrapes against the tub. Stressed hands hurt from squeezing too long. She’s dressed in black plastic over the bedroom rug while I make things presentable.

Logs in the fire in one room. Off stove but turned knobs in another.

Engine preheated. Trunk slammed. Packed bags ride shotgun. Rubber peels off the driveway in a white cloud of smoke foreshadowing the intended black cloud.

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...scream that’s bubbling out

Little did I know I’m still runnin’ from this boulder
It’s gotten closer but I’ve gotten faster, I’ve gotten older
With brains scrambled I don’t think clear in my natural state of disaster

Bolder deranged audiocassette
Rearranged the terrain
Change the position of the walls
Lost in the maze I’ve made
I’m the cause of going insane

This skin won’t be breakin’
Not ceramic, elastic
Overenthusiastic and a smile made of plastic
This outlet is all I’ll...

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Prideful Chill

...contained and applied when the time is right
Used in sync with the stars alignment
To intricately design the electromagnetic mine
Meant to blow the mind, reboot, reintegrate it
A pile of failed attempts at being poetic
Frankenstein and other synthetics
There’s a goldmine somewhere
It’s written in pen, I remember, I read, I wrote it
Questions plague decisions and the precision of the answer
If a million disasters are what it takes I’ll accelerate just to get there faster
Liberated and unconcerned...

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