Come At Me


Bombs for breakfast
I’m blowing shit up senseless
Word smith
Crafting a steel sentence
With sharp edges
To cut heads and wreck shit

The harps are played
By deranged angels
Estranged from heaven
After strange events led
To sketchy circumstances
In my bed

Words with guns
Hunt for fun
Someone’ll end up dead
Someone better run

The pen pops
Like a shotgun
Everyone flies, gone
Leaving a mark
Plunging a fool into darkness
That’s you when I’m done with this

I play around in my thoughts
Pump out bars that are scorching hot
Come on, say what you’ve got!
I want to take a dump on it
Since my shit it’s not

I’m too nasty
Has you frozen
Lasting in a state of inaction
That’s okay
I expected that much to happen
That much to be the case

My bars crush cars
Under enough weight to compact dense
Like stars collapsing in space
While you scribble dribble that can’t dunk

My attacks are hard to come back from
They’re a one way trip you won’t get back up once

Bitch, you don’t want it
Murder suicide is the plan
To take the satisfaction from your family
Leave them stranded in their anger
Just ‘cause I don’t like you
You looked at me weird when I was beside you

Not even wrong
There ain’t no right way to do it
Your head I’m going through
With two bullets just for you
Some for your children too

I should be kept away in a box
But they don’t know what my intentions are
Bet they won’t catch me before you’re gone
If they find me it’ll be with your wife’s thong on
Skull fuckin’ her extracted head raw

If I got to do it all again
And cover up the past
I wouldn’t
I’ll come after you sooner

I don’t give a shit
Who comes and spits
On this and thinks it’s about them
Since it fucking is!

I’ll bomb this bitch
With me in it
Since I’m tired of livin’
I’m already the best villain

Come at Me