Series List

Fallen (Story)

In a world corrupted by deceptive manipulative angels, demons fighting in the name of justice, a world of lies unfolds. People named Apostles discover that the texts within The Holy Bible were faked and go on to search for truth only to discover later upon layer of corruption and lies by the celestial beings. A Boy Sebastian, the youngest human to eat from the tree of knowledge, finds himself among the only people with the power to correct the wrongs done on society.

Arthur (Story)

Unstable asylum escapee Arthur wanders from location to location shifting in and out of lucid states. The grasp he has on reality gets ever weaker as an investigation begins to track the dangerous man down.

Staying Alive (Story)

In the midst of viral outbreak Alex, a young coward, finds himself struggling to stay alive as he confronts numerous trials and terribly horrifying circumstances. Near death on a regular basis he seems to always just barely get away with his life.

The Hall (Story)

If hell was technologically advanced this would be it. A nameless man wakes up in an unfamiliar place riddled with pods on one side and a wall that goes on forever on the other. With no way to escape, he begins to walk to see where this hall will take him.

Recovery (7 Part Poetry)

A collection of poems focused on The Seven Deadly Sins and how they show in society.

Mourning Freedom (5 Part Poetry)

A collection of poems focused on twisted political atmospheres.