Series: Mourning Freedom

Mourning Freedom Chapter 5: Acceptance

Acceptance is part of the patient process of winning. Something only those oppressed need to worry about. For the oppressor won’t live long.
Jack shares his thoughts in this poem.


The pendulum swing at its height
A return is in sight
We might have lost the fight
But that was game one
We ain’t done
Second game is time, son
They’ll run out, zoom
Nothing they can do to change that tune
The end comes soon
This was ain’t through

And we’re learning their ways
Filling offices each day
That realization is the source of their rage
They’re scared they…

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Mourning Freedom Chapter 4: Depression

The depression of defeat settles on the country when solutions we don’t see for the problems it’s facing.

This poem explores the situation.


It’s quiet
Quiet and we hate it
Feel long since defeated
Hope faded
Screaming just to be heard
To assure we’ve not yet drowned
To get the last word
But the ship is going down
It’s anger
Fury from knowing the race was rigged
Lost before it began
Built for someone else’s victory

It was planned
For us to fight each other
Distracted by the two puppets that...

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Mourning Freedom Chapter 3: Bargaining

Society isn't ready to deal with a strike from informed individuals. Outrage prevents the masses from learning useful tools and information. 

Jack breaks down his thoughts on the matter in this analysis of the situation. 


The quiet majority wakes
They must, for the loud majority appears more and more like those they've titled evil.

One woman's words are enough to force a community to punish even those innocent and not involved. A group generalized and treated as less for the behavior of one. The familiarity of this is astonishing.

One man's actions forced all men to cower. Wondering whether that boring date makes them a sexual abuser. The proof lies in the…

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Mourning Freedom Chapter 2: Anger

Blind by outrage and unable to function united, the world seems to be at the height of disagreement and misguided anger. Meanwhile, terror is signed into action while we scream at one another.

Jack expresses his thoughts on the matter in this poem.


Age outraged at youth
Youth outraged at age
Coexistence is nonexistent
Yet, persistence others are wrong stay static for the manic
Instistant this way is better
Fury when they won’t listen
Missing the point
We’re all suffering our own battle
While hissing at another’s struggle
Pissed saying it ain't real
It’s only real if we...

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Mourning Freedom Chapter 1: Denial

Poetic commentary on the current state of denial the average citizen of the United States displays.


It’s all hopeless
It’s all hopeless
There’s no resistance when it’s hopeless
No fighting to revoke this nonsense we invoke
It’s toxic so we choke
Nod off asleep
Maybe it’ll be gone when we wake back up
It’s not because it’s stuck
Static, the door shut
Bad habits immobilize us
Never find the keys
Never rise up
Locked behind closed doors
The top floors discourse what to…

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