Mourning Freedom Chapter 3: Bargaining


Society isn't ready to deal with a strike from informed individuals. Outrage prevents the masses from learning useful tools and information. 

Jack breaks down his thoughts on the matter in this analysis of the situation. 


The quiet majority wakes
They must, for the loud majority appears more and more like those they've titled evil.

One woman's words are enough to force a community to punish even those innocent and not involved. A group generalized and treated as less for the behavior of one. The familiarity of this is astonishing.

One man's actions forced all men to cower. Wondering whether that boring date makes them a sexual abuser. The proof lies in the innocent men generalized and punished for the actions of the few guilty.

Freedom of speech hangs on the line. Put there by the same people that'll blame it's fall on the government or the "white man" in the future. The same people who'll take no charge for destroying the freedom of speech they continue to force systematic rules onto.

The drive to react this moment overrides the reason of the emotional thinker.

Meanwhile, the logical thinkers quietly watch and share no opinions. They collect the perspective of all sides, gradually understanding the bigger picture. The right and wrong coming from all directions. They watch the outraged scream and solve nothing in the same breath and learn to do by not imitating that behavior.

They learn from what doesn't get done. The outrage continues ignoring the opposition's point of view. Thus, they remain half-informed at all times. But the quiet see the full picture and when they finally stand, no one will be informed enough to set them back down.

The near future belongs to the silent minority learning how all sides tick before making their move. Information is power, outrage is the anti-information. There is a clear long-run winner in this narrative.