Mourning Freedom Chapter 2: Anger


Blind by outrage and unable to function united, the world seems to be at the height of disagreement and misguided anger. Meanwhile, terror is signed into action while we scream at one another.

Jack expresses his thoughts on the matter in this poem.


Age outraged at youth
Youth outraged at age
Coexistence is nonexistent
Yet, persistence others are wrong stay static for the manic
Instistant this way is better
Fury when they won’t listen
Missing the point
We’re all suffering our own battle
While hissing at another’s struggle
Pissed saying it ain't real
It’s only real if we feel it too
This lack of enlightened perspective is pathetic
Prophetic this relic war
Inherit the genetic instinct to come together
The parent’s upbringing subliminally wakes the sleeper soldiers
So arise people in their hate
Ripples deep in society
Seeping into our veins
Making us shriek
Phases we refuse to see
Designing cages unaware it’s a mistake
Since we’ll be the ones walking in
Blinded by rage at one another
Things with which the suits won’t even bother
After all they’re the ones controlling it
For their benefit
We fake like we’re woke as shit
Sit and wait until it’s fixed
Picket signs for things that don’t make sense
Silent on the real issues
We misuse the tools
Given to us to improve the lives we’re living
All because we can’t stop screaming
They wrapped their ties around us
Legally by contract
Broke the system

And we’re slaved