Mourning Freedom Chapter 1: Denial


Poetic commentary on the current state of denial the average citizen of the United States displays.


It’s all hopeless
It’s all hopeless
There’s no resistance when it’s hopeless
No fighting to revoke this nonsense we invoke
It’s toxic so we choke
Nod off asleep
Maybe it’ll be gone when we wake back up
It’s not because it’s stuck
Static, the door shut
Bad habits immobilize us
Never find the keys
Never rise up
Locked behind closed doors
The top floors discourse what to do with the slave
Poor, our faces claim it’s not that way
It’s not us that they say
It’s never not be and it still is today
Canned goods send to black hoods
While the best fresh lands on top chef
Get fed to the president
Cancer starts at the bottom
Rotting the minds of the innocent
They don’t know and get cancer of the body
That rots the diligent workers of the company killing them
It’s all fine
We don’t rise
Just waste time
Smoke we and be fine
When the bombs drop and whole families die
Realize it would have been avoiding standing up just one time
Outside the lines
Understand the crimes
There are more of us than there are of them
Once we rise this whole bitch will capsize