Series: Recovery

Recovery Chapter 7: Sloth

Weight on others and no magnifying glass on ourselves. Selfishness embodied in a poem. ----------------------------------------------------------

The change arrives
Questions arise
Asking, “why?”
The riddle tortures the soul
Letting go is freedom
But letting go is what lead here
Expecting others to do for isn’t the answer
Giving orders isn’t the answer
Being in control isn’t the answer

Point one
Three back
Strained cords
Nothing accomplished
Blame potato
Slug leaves a trail in its wake
Two feet
Sword and shield
Wield, resist and win

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Recovery Chapter 6: Gluttony

Our fantasies and desires can negatively impact those around us if our pursuit is too relentless.
Jack reflects of related experiences in this poem.


Give in for he’s all consuming
Ideas, themes, perspectives, He feeds on them
A pursuit for enlightenment
Absorbing all the useful
Whether relevant or not
Ones and zeros must be extracted
No shield or sword
Hopeless to the lustful desire
Hungry for it all
Better self
Better mind

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Recovery Chapter 5: Pride

All our problems are indirectly our own faults.
This poem is a reflection of that.


Larger than life
The presence that fills the room
Energetic charisma and intelligent display too
Raunchy, flirty, playful
One man party
Quake at the sight
Never a dull moment
Always right
“Here’s how”
And the crowd goes wild
For miles of denial

Never learns
Delusions of grandeur at every turn
Always right and deaf
Introverted at will
No new information
No progress
Stuck still in time claiming correctness
And claiming correctness
And claiming correctness
Should correct not just be apparent?
Static in the air
The static is in the air
Lightning strike the fool refusing submission
For Zeus cannot be wrong
Says the mortal man to the mirror
To an image opposite to the objective truth
Opposite to the view of others

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Recovery Chapter 4: Wrath

We all hurt one another without knowing it. We don’t even bother being aware of things.
A short poem about it.


Chin held high
Critic to the straight line
Fitting villain when sane
Snaking the wit relay
Stickup with a freeze ray
Building hidden word traps
To catch those slipping
On how they’re living
Wake up lesson
How to be impressive
Hold the mirror up
Singing how emotions riddle us
Unreasonable treason of peace
When feelings are the disease

He doesn’t mean or try
When the moment is right
He can stop and fight it
He’s tried it
Verbally intrusive with illusive conclusions
Abusive emotionally using “reason” as a reason to do what he sees fit
He’s rude as shit
Claims logic and includes no cold
Then wonders why everyone is coughing
With sore throats dodging him
Poor fool
He’s damaged
Anger driven living in denial sizzling with a fire
Saying saints don’t play kind they play right
Crumbled portraits of friendships held tight

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Recovery Chapter 3: Greed

In this poem, Jack reflects on the manipulation of the people in his life. How his greed and sense of ownership have left him.


Knowledge and beauty feed the absolute
Collection provides the erection attention and truth
Manipulation of the state and ownership too
Surroundings fabricated as a way to masturbate
Ejaculate at the easy coast by the hard life
Slide by the fast lane
The rest stand by
Toys and pawns die at war
Won’t cry over broken eggs for omelets
Reason won’t be…

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Recovery Chapter 2: Envy

Short poem exploring the frustrations and struggles of being emotionally closed off and the envy it invokes when witnessing others being expressive with ease.


Trying to spit out
Growth stinting feelings
The ceiling continues close
It’s filling up the boat
Half full is half empty when one’s lost all hope
Can’t expose what is lodged
Stuck in the throat

Poets and musicians open up with such precision
Appears they speak directly to the peak of embodied insecure mystique
Endlessly study the…

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Recovery, Chapter 1: Lust

A poem about obsession with learning and gaining perspective. How always chasing it has both educated and elevated, but left in its wake a lifestyle of constant change and little familiarity. Opportunities missed and wrong choices made. Always because of "The New Thing"


Slave to curiosity
Vicious animosity to static
Turned on by havoc
The chaos of knowing is not knowing
And so is not knowing
In love with phases of brain waves
Gain perspective and change lanes
Dark incentives and odd ways
Uncomplacent with the path most walked
Want more thoughts talked
Verbal exchanges are sex word play games for the deranged kids

An addict to ideas settles on no ground
Fear to slow down drops the volume sound
Muffled inside the vehicle
Windows up
Touch no ground
Fool steers clear of all shots to veer near a way uphill

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