Recovery, Chapter 1: Lust


A poem about obsession with learning and gaining perspective. How always chasing it has both educated and elevated, but left in its wake a lifestyle of constant change and little familiarity. Opportunities missed and wrong choices made. Always because of "The New Thing"


Slave to curiosity
Vicious animosity to static
Turned on by havoc
The chaos of knowing is not knowing
And so is not knowing
In love with phases of brain waves
Gain perspective and change lanes
Dark incentives and odd ways
Uncomplacent with the path most walked
Want more thoughts talked
Verbal exchanges are sex word play games for the deranged kids

An addict to ideas settles on no ground
Fear to slow down drops the volume sound
Muffled inside the vehicle
Windows up
Touch no ground
Fool steers clear of all shots to veer near a way uphill