Symbolic Sentience

The thought of the Letters.


Symbols, but mere ideas
Random configurations up to interpretation
Not real. Rather, projections in the mind of the reader dissecting it
Loose strings more or less connecting at intersecting points
Where we join we seem to behave in patters visible to human brain
Until they realize and think that its all in their heads
An illusion they choose to embed

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Perspective Death

Death to a Perspectivist can take many forms. This is what it looks like for Jack.


Many mourn with tears upon death, focusing on the absence of the individual life-force.

I consider death no more than the end of a book I’m part of. They’ve moved out of this three dimensional plain and are off to bigger and better things elsewhere in transcendent reality. In seeing it this way I forget about the absence. It’s like a friend moving away too far to communicate with in any feasible way. They’re just somewhere I can’t reach is all. Thus I remember the good times spent with the individual. It’s all there is left to do. The tears won’t bring anyone back or fix any personal problems I might be having. But I can enjoy what was and consider the death a completion of a unique book. I get to revisit the pages as often as I’d like.

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Fabric Structure

People play pretend quite often. They pretend they know there is a God. They pretend they know there isn’t. They pretend they understand the reasons they behave the way they do..
But they don’t know. None of us do.

Jack shares his thoughts on this.

It’s not what it seems.

Reality might be beyond the processing power of anything within it. It’s beyond the physics of our universe. Beyond imagination.

The underlying truth is that nature is too vastly complicated. It’ll never be possible to comprehend.

It remains a complete mystery while we're surrounded by it. While inside of it. Even while part of it.

It’s so magnificently intricate that it’s small-by-comparison components remain floating question marks.. What’s in or beneath the ocean? What’s consciousness? What’s out there in the cosmos?

The confusion, dramatic. How much is known about any one thing is unknown.

It’s a string of pretend games.

Imaginary guidelines for the simulation of order..

Arrogant while ignorant.

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Realize your Inner Monologue (Commenting Inner Voice) and your Conscious Mind (Perception, Awareness) are two different entities co-existing.
You are only your awareness.
To Listen is for the Conscious Mind to focus and the Inner Monologue to remain silent and without judgment.
Thus the floodgates of Perception and Information open.
Limitless Intellect.
Infinite Understanding.

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Three Types of Suicide

In this explanation, Jack breaks down his understanding and beliefs on the topic of stigmatized suicide and the three groups of suicidal people.


We currently live in a world where discussions on suicide are so viciously stigmatic that they’re nearly unheard of. Sometimes the discussion is enough to help an individual, but the risk of getting institutionalized is too great to attempt the dialogue at all. We’re underdeveloped in the area as a result. Most with suicidal thoughts aren’t even planning to act on them, they’re no more than thoughts. But the inability to discuss these thoughts lead to the held energy manifesting in other ways. Many times it turns into action because there is no other way to process the information.

We should be capable, as a society, nation and planet, to discuss things without another person deciding what it is you mean by it.

In this short explanation I offer perspective on the matter by walking you through the three forms in which acting on suicide can manifest.

Let us begin…

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Aged Identity

In an Identity based atmosphere we see a struggle between the new and old
We feel the need to expose who we are to everyone
Voices unheard, just to discover our identity was never what we thought it was
This philosophical thought explains the idea.


The end of our ignorance dissolves with age
We learn from mistakes
Memories are always the bad ones because they hold the lessons
There is never an ultimately perfect version of ourselves to get to
We are always just better than we were, be it in one direction or another
Sharing what we’ve learned might help someone else understand what they must do
But it is the job of no one to fix all the broken in the world
Only the broken can fix themselves through the lessons in their mistakes
We have to accept mistakes as our fault for any of this to be possible in the first place
We have to be willing to change things we believe make up our identity to fix ourselves
We grow from young to obsess over our identity
We grow to old to pick the things which don’t belong there anyway

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Conversation with an Intellectual (David Adkins, Author)

Jack gets the opportunity to have a short discussion with writer/author David Adkins. The conversation takes a metaphysical turn.


Jack -
Propaganda shouldn’t lead to deletion. Rather, it should lead to questions as to why the individual believes what they believe.
They REALLY, REALLY want to tell you and don’t care what you have to say.
I say ask and listen. Then you’ll have your understanding and their understanding while they only have their own.
You delete them, you are different but equal. No better.
Information is power. 
Eat I all up.
You don't need to believe I or agree. Just have it so you know more.

David -
I normally agree, but much of what people believe they never question anymore.
Flat Earthers, vegans, Scientologists, Mormons, Catholics, Feminists, BLM participants, and many others.
Then they never come back with facts, only beliefs.
I love facts. Especially ones that differ from what I know.
But no, insults only... That is not a debate

Jack -
You don’t need to debate.
Just ask and let them answer.
Whether it makes sense or…

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Recovery Chapter 7: Sloth

Weight on others and no magnifying glass on ourselves. Selfishness embodied in a poem. ----------------------------------------------------------

The change arrives
Questions arise
Asking, “why?”
The riddle tortures the soul
Letting go is freedom
But letting go is what lead here
Expecting others to do for isn’t the answer
Giving orders isn’t the answer
Being in control isn’t the answer

Point one
Three back
Strained cords
Nothing accomplished
Blame potato
Slug leaves a trail in its wake
Two feet
Sword and shield
Wield, resist and win

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Learn to Create

A thought on creativity.


Neither Skill nor Talent contain the capacity of Wisdom afforded with time and effort.
Understanding breeds method and method affords freedom.
Freedom then fuels creativity.

Do to learn.
Learn to understand.
Understand to improve.
Improve to perfect.

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Dot Gov

Poetry commenting on current America


Chained back
Strapped to the cross
Cross the trap strapped
Stop cops who cross lines to tap hats with led darts
Gucci running the mean streets from tower seats
Clean beaks
Black salty gold drinks

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Factors of 'Existence' Explained

This is a quick, simple and easy to understand way to think of Existence and the individual parts which equal existence.

Definitions and Explanations inside.


...create the experience we consider “Existing.”

Consciousness – Awareness, Perceiver
Soul – Characteristic, Emotion
Mind – Thought, Navigation, Logic
Body – Recording Device, Automatic Machine
Life – Energy, Fuel

The Five

Consciousness – This is the perceiving piece of the puzzle. This is the ‘REAL YOU.’ The one witnessing events. It witnesses events from one Existence frequently enough to believe it is those parts creating the experience, but it’s just watching the other four pieces at work.

Soul – This is an abstract set of....

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