Conversation with an Intellectual (David Adkins, Author)

Jack had a moment to chat with writer/author David Adkins. As the conversation progressed things got weird. This is a part of the conversation. Enjoy.

The Conversation Begins as we discuss deleting social media friends that engage in propaganda exchanges.

Jack -
Propaganda shouldn’t lead to deletion. Rather, it should lead to questions as to why the individual believes what they believe.
They REALLY, REALLY want to tell you and don’t care what you have to say.
I say ask and listen. Then you’ll have your understanding and their understanding while they only have their own.
You delete them, you are different but equal. No better.
Information is power.
Eat I all up.
You don't need to believe I or agree. Just have it so you know more.

David -
I normally agree, but much of what people believe they never question anymore.
Flat Earthers, vegans, Scientologists, Mormons, Catholics, Feminists, BLM participants, and many others.
Then they never come back with facts, only beliefs.
I love facts. Especially ones that differ from what I know.
But no, insults only... That is not a debate

Jack -
You don’t need to debate.
Just ask and let them answer.
Whether it makes sense or not, you learn what is ticking in their head while they have no clue what is ticking in yours.
All information is good information, whether factual or not, so long as you know what you believe

David -
That is the problem. I asked them. They all point to some quack pot that says our teeth are proof, or something similar. Someone like me, my wife, my father in law, and others would die quickly from a vegan diet, so propaganda like this with half truths and no real facts irritate me to no end.

Jack -
I see where you’re coming from, but facts aren’t real.
People are wrong, but you’re not right.
If that makes sense.

David -
Math is the only science without anomalies.

Jack -
Except that the concept of math must be first processed through our neuro-network after the message is received by either our ears or eyes.
And then it must still be processed by our brain before our conscious mind gets hold of anything. None of which you do intentionally. All of which is dependent on none of that going wrong. And under the mere assumption that all other minds are processing said math the same way, assuming that your brain isn’t simply telling you that’s the case incorrectly.
So I'll stress it again.
There are no facts.
That is an illusion. A very, very good illusion, but an illusion never the less. In other words... They are wrong for not seeking facts, but you are not right in thinking such a thing exists.

Anonymous 3rd Person in Room -
Only with the right axioms.

David -
I am a true individualist. I think math is the only solid true science and all others deal with variances and variables of percentages while ignoring the anomalies.

Anonymous 3rd -
Fair, but all science, math included, starts with some basic presumptions, or givens, or premises . Without those, math has just as many holes.

Jack -
Except math can’t figure out perception because math is of the physical world and perception includes thought which is not. Therefore, it has limits, thus isn't solid fact.
Its a tool, not the answer.
There is no answer.

Anonymous 3rd -
Physics comes from math

David -
It has all answers except for those which have multiple outcomes.

Anonymous 3rd -
There are many things we worked out mathematically, but that we couldn't test or find out was real until much later

Jack -
Yes and no.
Physics as an academic subject yes. Physics as in the physical world... That was here before we invented/discovered math.

David -
It cannot be fact if not done through full duplication.

Jack -
And one cannot, as far as we know, duplicate thought, emotion or awareness.
We can’t even duplicate motion. We are left with illusions to accomplish this.

David -
Agreed! The physical should be measured with what is within reach, not explored through theory and unable to duplicate.
But then is the thought real, or a product of perception? As I know, no thought could be replicated within the real physical realm. But the physical realm is also limiting to the thoughts and dreams as gravity still plays a major part.

Jack -
Agreed. But having tools to measure the physical which cannot apply to the entirety of reality is quite short of a fact.
It falls under the assumption that what is proven in the physical realm somehow works across the board without the confirmation of such a thing.

David -
Agreed! I believe all facts have anomalies except math.

Jack -
That’s an assumption.
We don't exist without gravity or the influence of the physical realm, thus, we have no context for what could function beyond, math included.

David -
The reality that 0 is a negative or positive is a fictional attribute they address in physics also.
Yet, astronauts exist in space as does this planet, so that is also an anomaly.
It has been proven that certain atoms exist outside of time, meaning that mass no longer has time as an equalizer.

Jack -
Math is physical. It is not factual.
Factual entails functionality which is infallible.
Our math here could easily fall apart elsewhere.
Take objects at the atomic scale for example. That exists within our third dimension yet the rules of math are proven wrong by them. We require entirely different sciences to work at those scales. Same with the macro scales. Math is a tool, not the way.
Fact would work under any instance.
We also cannot perceive a single area of the cosmos which is unaffected by gravity.
0 is theoretical. There is no such proof of the existence of 0 in the perceivable universe.

David -
The space station. They tried to use it as a separate object that should create its own gravity, yet it didn't. First reason for the space station was to duplicate gravity, but failed.

Jack -
Outside our planets gravity the star affects us. Outside of our stars gravity the super-massive black hole at the center of our galaxy affects us. Outside of our galaxy a mass of gravity we assume is dark matter affects us. And all the assumed dark matter is clumped up through the entire expanse of our perceivable universe.
Absolute 0 for temperature has also never been witnessed or replicated. And we can only count the lack of something, that would just be a negative number. We have no language to describe zero of something.
It is purely theoretical…