God Is Lost

Although I’ve never dealt with writers block, I do occasionally feel uninterested in what I create or creating in general. Creators depression if you will. When each word to land on the page feels empty and foreign. As if it fails to convey the intended message or emotion. Like trying to read a page through fog. Clarity is missing.

It’s times like these where thoughts feel hazy. When it’s least obvious what’s missing from the work is when it’s the most frustrating. The satisfaction of finding a hundred problems each sentence comes with the knowledge that you can jump in and fix it all. This is more like trying to…

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Jack writes about his journey in stopping marijuana use.


I’ve been a pothead on and off since I was about 15 years old. Began with marijuana. Eventually landed on ecstasy. Even dabbled in psychedelics. The only one I kept returning to was marijuana. I easily let go of all the others. Returned to marijuana so often I’ve defined it as addictive behavior. And I put no blame on the cannabis itself for my constant return. I’m the one with the addictive tendencies after all. Theoretically, I could have gotten addicted to anything from alcohol to gambling or sex. It just so happen to be this because it was the first. It happen while I was the youngest.

I quit for many years. Since senior year in high school until the middle of my college years. When I got back to it I’d only use every couple of months. About a year in it was as frequent as every weekend. I felt creative using it and enjoyed the feeling. It gradually leaked into the rest of the week. Maybe something left over from the weekend would get used on Wednesday. It wasn’t long before anything left over was used the following Monday. As I got more used to doing it regularly it became such a part of the daily routine that I began looking forward to it. Eventually trying to stretch the same amount through the entire week. By this point I managed to get high each day micro-dosing. As my tolerance grew I was less affected and left wanting more each time. I began buying twice as much each week. That kept me stoned Sunday through Saturday. From then on it’s a tolerance building game.

And then I’m getting high to feel normal.

The days I don’t have it I feel anxious. Depressed. Desperate. Bored. I think the boredom is the worst part. It’s maddening. Whenever I try stopping, boredom turns me back around. It’s so easy to access marijuana and instantly make all things fun and exciting. The all natural boredom killer. For a low price have a blast. But I only think this is true. I don’t function sober because what I used to call sober is the state I’ve reached now while high. High when normal, normal when high. I’m paying to avoid boredom withdrawal. The cannabis does nothing but keep me stable. It’s the only way I…

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4 Tips

Instead of finishing the project with a clever bang, Jack takes the occasion to briefly list the four most helpful things he learned to not give up during the course of the project.


Writers Block. On the last day. What’s the point? I already know what I want to write about. I’m done with a large portion of it already. All nice and typed up. But what I was originally writing about felt fake. Instead I will share 4 lessons I’ve learned in the last 365 days of daily writing. They’ve helped me immensely and will continue to be used in all my other work.


1. There is no such thing as writers block. If you don’t know what to write about, write about that feeling. Or write an explanation of what you’d like to write about but can’t find the words for. Every time I used this trick, writers block literally became the subject of the work. It gave me a weird opportunity to psychoanalyse myself. Reflect.

2. Scheduling writing into every day way crucial. It only became easy to write daily once I’d planned it ahead of time. It’s like an imaginary deadline that has to be met. A level of imaginary stress builds up as the deadline arrives. Before I know it my brain jump starts the engine and begins to pump ideas in desperation. And poof. It happens. Ideas long before I reach the keyboard..

3. Ignore the audience. Write what you find interesting first. Then edit it to be understood by the audience. If you love what you’re writing it’ll write itself. If it feels like work it’ll be stressful and take a toll on you. In my experience this took the form of experimentation. I would try out various writing tricks or test my skills with entirely different forms or writing. Other times it would just be a reach into a topic others feel uncomfortable discussing. If readers don’t like it they don’t have to read it. Once editing I decide how to word it to best convey it to a reader.

4. Don’t worry about how it sounds on the first go. The existing text can be edited, but it must first be written. This is basically a take on “Write Bad.” In allowing myself to write poorly first, to exploit the general idea, I discovered much more time existed on the tail end of the session to make the work read the way I want. I could edit for as long as I wanted knowing if time runs out I’m always finished.


That’s it. No epic boom. No party. Nothing more. Just for tips that helped ease 365 days of original content.

Don’t know what’s next. Probably more of this.

At a pace I feel more comfortable with.


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Three Types of Suicide

In this explanation, Jack breaks down his understanding and beliefs on the topic of stigmatized suicide and the three groups of suicidal people.


We currently live in a world where discussions on suicide are so viciously stigmatic that they’re nearly unheard of. Sometimes the discussion is enough to help an individual, but the risk of getting institutionalized is too great to attempt the dialogue at all. We’re underdeveloped in the area as a result. Most with suicidal thoughts aren’t even planning to act on them, they’re no more than thoughts. But the inability to discuss these thoughts lead to the held energy manifesting in other ways. Many times it turns into action because there is no other way to process the information.

We should be capable, as a society, nation and planet, to discuss things without another person deciding what it is you mean by it.

In this short explanation I offer perspective on the matter by walking you through the three forms in which acting on suicide can manifest.

Let us begin…

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Jack rambles about not believing in writers block and explains why.


Once in a while I draw blanks when attempting to come up with something new to write. But I don’t quit. I’m well trained. Disciplined enough to know just by writing my thoughts down I’ll get somewhere.

I’ve taught myself to expand on seemingly any amount of writing through nothing but will power. I’ve stopped believing writers block is anything more than a state of mind the inexperienced go through. It’s become too easy to turn nothing into something.

See, one of the main lessons about writing is to understand that what one means when they say ‘being a writer’ what they really mean is being a self-editor. Understanding how to twist and turn your own words into something greater than they were on the first round.

Take the first few sentences of this very aimless rant, for example. I can simply change the perspective to third person and pretend I’m telling you the story of a struggling writer. One who is about to force through his writers block and come to the conclusion that anything is possible with a little effort. But in reality this started as nothing more than a mental exercise. Nothing more than my writing to myself about not knowing what to write. Yet, that turns out…

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Factors of 'Existence' Explained

This is a quick, simple and easy to understand way to think of Existence and the individual parts which equal existence.

Definitions and Explanations inside.


...create the experience we consider “Existing.”

Consciousness – Awareness, Perceiver
Soul – Characteristic, Emotion
Mind – Thought, Navigation, Logic
Body – Recording Device, Automatic Machine
Life – Energy, Fuel

The Five

Consciousness – This is the perceiving piece of the puzzle. This is the ‘REAL YOU.’ The one witnessing events. It witnesses events from one Existence frequently enough to believe it is those parts creating the experience, but it’s just watching the other four pieces at work.

Soul – This is an abstract set of....

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Meditation: The Minimalistic Guide

A simple and minimalistic guide to understanding and performing meditation.


Meditation is not sitting with your eyes closed and legs crossed to achieve some LSD state of mind.
That is what LSD is for.

The Purpose
The goal of meditation is to silence the inside voice and allow a natural external focus state to persist. By distracting one’s inner monologue with simple, basic and meaningless tasks it becomes easier to ignore. This focus state is widely known as Flow State. Don’t be fooled, Meditation and Flow State are one and the same. They both focus the user on the moment at hand and do so by shelving the inner monologue.

Useful Perspective to Understanding Meditation
Meditation is reclaiming control and focus from the inner monologue.
The inner monologue and the thinker are two different entities.
You should willingly …

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The United States of 99% Undereducated

Considering human nature, a country which forces its population to pay for advanced education is collectively a country with lower IQ. Only the wealthy can access the expensive information. Intellectual competition exists only within the same financial circles, thus few feel challenged enough to improve. There is nothing to overcome when everyone is intellectually inferior.

In countries where education is free everyone is on the same educational page. They can challenge each other to improve and thus the countries collective IQ is...

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A Way to Fix America


Destroy the Politicians

If the new structure agreed to cooperate against the old structure success would be assured.
With the military and police force on board the government could easily be overthrown by the people. Their only defense is the military and the police. Other than that they’re just bankers, politicians and millionaires. But the police and the military are the people and should stand for the people. If they did rebel and took control, responding only to votes decided by the civilians, the politicians would cease to matter. They’re job would vanish and leadership of this type would cease.

Destroy the 1% & The Bankers

Finances only hold value if the people decide they do. Once they don’t the system stops mattering. If the New Structure could design a new currency to replace the current and agree as a collective to use this new exchange method billionaires would suddenly be the poorest people in the world as they’d be the last to think it’s relevant to adopt this currency. Acquiring all things would be filtered through this new system based on the barter system with traits from capitalism. Every possible contribution within communities is ranked in value to the community. It’s awarded to the individual performing the task based on how well the task was performed, whether or not it had to be done in the first place and set to a...

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The Philosophy of Creation

...their uninspired craft? Well, no. That’s not the way to go. Because skill and method overcomes any amount of inspiration. The trick is to develop a form to bypass the unexpected inspiration with measurable and expected steps which produce a perfect replica of said inspiration.

The best advice is simply “Do the Work.” Just get the thing done at all costs. Whether it ends up a fantastic work of art or gets shelved in shame. The experience is what the creator should seek. That is where the lesson is hidden. Method hides behind obligation and force, not random blessings.

Skill is a knife carved out of wood, inspiration is someone handing over the wooden knife. The difference is when forced to replicate it, bits and piece of the process are understood versus being given a wooden knife and having zero clue where or how it was created. Understanding is...

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The way I experience reality is just that, The Way I Experience Reality. My experience is unique and applies to no one but myself. Even if someone else goes through a situation identical to mine at the very moment I do, everything we’ve experienced in life up to that moment has shaped how we’ll react to the situation. If our entire lives weren’t identical then our reactions will differ. That is the nature of reality. We’re shaped by our environment just as much as our genetic makeup.

This means our opinions and where we see purpose and meaning are shaped by our experiences. Even if all the masses agree on an “average” good or evil scale. And we agree on rules, more or less. It’s all still because it’s as close to being on the same page as we can get.

Inherent meaning remains subjective to the individual believing there is such a thing and then deciding to ignore the opposing opinions against the argument. Simply the existence of a counter argument means there is a counter argument to be made. A case against the inherent, thus something exists that doesn’t perceive the inherent in the first place and doesn’t react upon it.

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Meaning & Purpose

A short explanation on how there is no such thing as right or wrong!



Meaning and Purpose are words that describe a subjective combination of Rationality and Imagination.
The objective universe has no meaning or purpose.

There is no inherent good without first there being a judgement on something else being bad. Good and bad are not mutually exclusive, rather, they have a symbiotic existence. They’re vastly dependent on one another. Additionally, both good and bad vary widely depending on the subjective judger. The same way one might believe abortion is bad because a life is being taken, another might believe suffering is being prevented and thus it is good.

Meaning and Purpose are synonymous in this case, and like...

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Second Amendment Rights

...as the Black Community attempts to add ownership restrictions out of fear that the White Community would be a danger if armed.

In both instances Government Politics sides with the Caucasian population.

In the 1950s and 1960s the African American population armed itself to avoid being killed by the Caucasian population.

In the 2000s and 2010s the African American population attempts to unarm general population to avoid being killed by the Caucasian population.

Ultimately none of this matters. The government has bigger guns than either side is allowed to own. If government military decided to rise up against us there is nothing a fully automatic rifle could do to stop it. A Nuke versus a rifle seems unfair in the first place. It’s that easy to erase proof of our existence.

They keep us debating the guns against each other while keeping eyes off of the fact that they get to own what they’d like. If civilians are unarmed the government is a threat. If civilians are armed then civilians are a threat. In both cases to the Black Community.

This is a stereotype that holds some half-truths. The Black Community kills its own constantly. The White Community also kills it’s on constantly. The black community kills the white consistently. The white community kills the black consistently. It’s all equal.

Media is a tool that allows a simple thing to occur and it is to feed the desired image to the general population.
In predominantly white communities only inform on when a black community member commits a crime against a white community member.
In predominantly black communities only inform on when a white community member commits a crime against a black community member.
As this becomes the most stable image...

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A Discussion Using Reason

...discussion or argument with how you feel about the subject is incorrect. That doesn’t apply in a scenario with anyone other than yourself. When having a rational fact based discussion, one must always base the argument on the most objective truth possible.

Cutting someone off because you want to be heard makes no sense, unless you’d like to be cut off too and also not be heard which is no different than two people in two different conversations speaking next to each other. A discussion requires two sides willing to hear each other and willing to base the information...

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...normal by pillow standards. It’s a pillow made of feathers, let’s say. Its average length and average width and average high. It’s been around for an average amount of time. Now imagine there is an identical pillow with the slight difference that it has a foam fabric on the inside rather than feathers. Now imagine a third only slightly different from the second, in which instead of being average sized, it’s slightly bigger than the previous. Continue this for as long as you’d like changing any one category to anything possible within the given perimeters and the possibilities are endless. Maybe one of the pillows hasn’t been around a normal amount of time, maybe it is a million year old pillow. Maybe one has always existed and never didn’t exist. Maybe one of them...

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Perceptual Layout

...serves as the one obvious distinction between the physical world and the perceiver within said physical world. And the perceiver has a sense that they are not abstract and are different from all other things within the 3D space.

The perceiver comes with inner thought. This is the internal voice of the perceiver, which they consider to be an extension of themselves, and the inner environment in which the voice is placed which feels as though it is not an extension of the perceiver.

The distinction between the perceiver of universe A and their inner thoughts can be made by comparing inner experience to outer experience.


Let’s say the outer perceiver decides they fear rollercoasters and refuse to get onboard. Upon remembering why they fear the rollercoaster they...

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...their purposes might be us what they must pursue; whatever we as an individuals want and desire most; the way we feel is the most natural way to behave; it must all be perused because it is the truest version of ourselves. All these things are how we must always be.

If one is a liar they must lie as often as feels natural because telling the truth more than that is punishable. The same goes for telling the truth, if it is who one is and for whatever reason they lie unnaturally, it is punishable. Killers must kill if it is what feels right, or else they shall be punished. The same goes for non-killers who take lives. Sex addicts should be addicted to sex, assholes should always be an asshole. People who don't care about others emotions shouldn't pretend to, and those that do, shouldn't...

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