A Discussion Using Reason


Emotions are a subjective feeling, not an objective truth.

How you feel about something has no bearing or influence on the seemingly objective nature of reality.

Starting off a discussion or argument with how you feel about the subject is incorrect. That doesn’t apply in a scenario with anyone other than yourself. When having a rational fact based discussion, one must always base the argument on the most objective truth possible.

Cutting someone off because you want to be heard makes no sense, unless you’d like to be cut off too and also not be heard which is no different than two people in two different conversations speaking next to each other. A discussion requires two sides willing to hear each other and willing to base the information on discussed facts.

Any discussion cannot be proven through the object in question. In the case of something like Christianity where its entire basis comes from the bible, the book cannot be used as an argument because it is what’s being questioned. You can’t prove the bible with the bible. This applies to any topic that isn’t religion as well.

Finally, an opinion is now what you’ve heard someone else say. It’s not what you were brought up to believe. It’s not what your friends think. It’s not what media tells you. An opinion is your composed idea or belief based on present information. A conclusion you’ve arrived to on your own and its reasons could be explained for another to understand. A fact on the other hand is a fact, regardless of who and what believe otherwise. It’s subjectively standing and only changeable through action as it already exists in whatever state it is.

Following these rules is essential to argue, discuss or debate any idea and maintain rationality throughout.