A Hero Suddenly Appears


Orangey pink skies accent the scattered mess of clouds high above the still waveless ocean. Migrating birds with thick feathery wings hunt the schools of fish scattering and jumping from the water. The sun’s fight to the top of the sky illuminates the bubbling ocean surface. It’s as if boiling as the fish attempt to escape whatever comes from below.

The waters bubble more intensely and the fish scatter opening way for the tip of a black pyramid gradually rising. It rises and rises and goes high enough to graze the clouds. At the very bottom of the black pyramid is a gap big enough to fit a person. Before it a path begins to emerge from the water, made of grey stone.

The morning skies become grey and cloudy as a lightning storm forms from a perfect day. Thunder roars and quakes the pyramid and the stone walkway. Pieces break from the walkway and sink to the bottom of the ocean.

A gargling rumble screams over the thunder’s roar continuously until a green beam fires from the tip of the pyramid into the sky and the infinite distance beyond. Down at the pyramid’s bottom level an explosion clears path to a door inside. It opens and out walks a man with an iron helmet, protective chest plate, leg armor and armored boots. A sword in his right hand.

The man looks around, eyes wide open, unaware of his surroundings. Down the stone path he sees a Temple with a beam firing high into the sky, like the one above the pyramid except red. With nowhere else to go he heads to the Temple to investigate. To find answers at to where he is and why he’s there.