The Good Guys


“Them popped shots pop the cop next to Tyrel.
Them gangstas outta hand
But them rounds like rubber bands comin’ right back at ‘em, man!”
Antwan raps to keep himself distracted
Focused on something other than the attack
Aiming across the hospital’s parking lot at anybody with a badge
At anybody black.

“You have to be such a stereotype?
Fuck, man!
Only dude I know who’ll rap in gun fight” Tyrel says
“Fuck, man!”

Jonathan’s holding his bleeding shoulder
With his left hand
Firing with his limp right
Barely able to understand why
These idiots are arguing right at this moment
In the middle of a fire fight
He wipes his gold badge, “Are you guys serious?” He turns to Tyrel,
“We’re getting shot at,” he says, “How about a little focus?
Slow this chit chat and shoot back!
Unless you want to be dead meats by a couple of deadbeats. ”

“White boy is right. Focus, man, fight back.” Tyrel says and squeezes the trigger
“Like that!”

Across the parking lot members of the opposing gang
Alongside the cops they were exchanging merchandise with
They’re closing in
Tyrel, Antwan and Jonathan retreat
They go from cover to cover
Car to car
Trying to make their way further
But the gunshots don’t stop
They formed a firing line
Thugs and cops
Afraid to be imprisoned for breaking the law.

Little crimes they’ve committed
Pastime they’ve never admitted
They go unforgiven
By those they’ve involved
Those unwilling
That just so happens to be a clean cop and two unrelated criminals
Forced to team up to stop the true villains

Jonathan gets shot again
Takes one to the leg
He stops again
“This is it
It’s the end
Keep running
I’ll hold them back!” he says.

“Don’t be funny.
Tyrel, help him get away!
You keep runnin’,” Antwan says
“I’m a thug
What I do is stop fools like these doomed souls
I’m built to die at war
And ain’t no nigga gonna sell a little girl in my neighborhood while I’m still around and expect I won’t stick around to make a sound
A ruckus
Let them know I ain’t down
So get up
Get out now
Shit is about to get real loud
I’m ‘bout to make both you dudes real proud
When I show how I take them all down
In a bullet cloud of rounds bouncin’ around
Ant’s ‘bout to go to town!”

Tyrel gets Jon
Together they dash along the wall of the parking lot
Antwan’s guns are hot
Poking holes through crooked cops and thugs alike
Putting a stop to half the lot’s life
Before a cold shock hits pause and Antwan drops without a pulse
No longer alive

Cornered Tyrel and Jon beg for mercy
But it’s gone on too long
It’s not worth it
To keep them alive
If it means business won’t thrive.

They’re executed and disposed of
The good guys who no one knows of