Political Opinions


Now shut the fuck up with your lies
Trying to hide
Slide by with a bullshit tear in your eye
I refuse to ride
To buy defective half attempts
Convenient coincidences
Every single cent went spent
Lost by lenience
Monsters bent on feeding their greediness
And we went along defending this
Because blue and red
Who the fuck needs thoughts in their head
When Luck is a good boy
And brought Chance to dance
Instead of Reason without a doubt
Because that’s a thug
We could do without
The crap we’re fed
Unbelievable shreds
Proofless evidence
But we follow
Whether or not it makes sense
Because we don’t like “them” or their opinions
Essentially the same nonsense we believe in
Another jackass leading us
Secretly the villain
To the bottom of this barrel we’re so desperate to reach
We fuss
We’re hollow
And tomorrow will remain tomorrow
If we’re talking about changed
The leaders are fine
They’re simply representing the deranged
Those who stood up and played the game
While the cowards remained wasting their time away
As if they don’t give a fuck a day
Home hidden with their spotless ideas
Polished and framed for good luck
In the safety
Away from face to face meets
Which’ll exercise their brain meat
Until the time to draw the line comes by
And they line up to pick a side
From the side lines
Pointing fingers
Accusing crimes
The same ones they’ve committed time after time