Sending noobs a message

Fuck you bro you suck

Telling noobs their skills are trash and their mom I want to fuck

Asking for their address as If I’ll show up

And when they tell me fake ass shit I call them on their bluff

Because I go beast mode

When I play against these hoes

In lobbies weak for days, bro

And they know when I load in

And I pick my load out

It’s over, gettin’ nukes for this blowout

Killstreaks, dude

It’s a showdown

And they think I’m rude

They think I’m a villain when I’m chillin’ in my camp

But I’m only settin’ a trap for the players that are whack

Spam kill when pawn trap to show skill

Nasty with a knife

Triple Kill that I got twice

Did it all in one life

First place

Man, I’m nice