Factors of 'Existence' Explained


These Five factors create the experience we consider “Existing.”

Consciousness – Awareness, Perceiver
Soul – Characteristic, Emotion
Mind – Thought, Navigation, Logic
Body – Recording Device, Automatic Machine
Life – Energy, Fuel

The Five

Consciousness – This is the perceiving piece of the puzzle. This is the ‘REAL YOU.’ The one witnessing events. It witnesses events from one Existence frequently enough to believe it is those parts creating the experience, but it’s just watching the other four pieces at work.

Soul – This is an abstract set of characteristics, emotions and filters.

Mind – This is the navigation system when connected to a body. It is also the only link to life the Consciousness and Soul have.

Life – The fuel of the body. Powers the automatic engine which allows for the recording of information. The Mind can only access the body with the help of life.

Body - The recording device for all external information. The only access the mind has to the external reality.


Consciousness + Mind = Perspective
Soul + Mind + Body = Identity
Soul + Mind = Spirit
Mind + Body = Instinct
Body + Life = Alive


Consciousness + Mind = Perspective

The combination gives the mind a raw and rational understanding of information and comes across as a place and basic interpretation of information, also known as Perspective.

Soul + Mind + Body = Identity

This combination is what the Consciousness collectively believes it is. All recorded information, all characteristics and all reasoning tools.

Soul + Mind = Spirit

Similar to the Identity but the metaphysical, purer version of the same thing. Lacking the recording of the Body but retaining the Characteristics of the Soul and the Processing of the Mind. The Consciousness Perceives this as “Out of Body” Identity.

Mind + Body = Instinct

This combination results on purely rational, survival based behavioral responses from the body when no soul is connected.

Consciousness + Mind + Soul = Dreaming

This combination occurs when Life requires the Mind to disconnect in order to better Heal the Body. The Consciousness remains connected to the Mind as it sets off to work on the soul. The soul without a body to filter information for goes into a sleep state similar to that of the body.
This state is what the Consciousness perceives as involuntary response to experience, or a dream.

Life + Body = Alive, Rest/Heal

This combination equals being alive. Without the mind connected, this is considered a vegetative state.
This combination is also triggered by Life’s need to Heal the Body.