The Philosophy of Creation


Seeking inspiration is no easy feat. A Truth which creators know quite well. The muse of inspiration can come at any given moment, provoked by any random thing and trigger a flood of great, new and profound ideas.

What is a creator to do when nothing arrives? Give up and head in a different direction? Attempt to do something new and retire their uninspired craft? Well, no. That’s not the way to go. Because skill and method overcomes any amount of inspiration. The trick is to develop a form to bypass the unexpected inspiration with measurable and expected steps which produce a perfect replica of said inspiration.

The best advice is simply “Do the Work.” Just get the thing done at all costs. Whether it ends up a fantastic work of art or gets shelved in shame. The experience is what the creator should seek. That is where the lesson is hidden. Method hides behind obligation and force, not random blessings.

Skill is a knife carved out of wood, inspiration is someone handing over the wooden knife. The difference is when forced to replicate it, bits and piece of the process are understood versus being given a wooden knife and having zero clue where or how it was created. Understanding is key. And there is no better way to understand one’s creative method than to learn through hands on experience and forceful creation. This should lead the creative process and will result in a future mold or format which the creator can follow to produce the work whether or not inspired, but to the same quality.

The magic happens while editing anyway.