365 Group 8

The Philosophy of Creation

...their uninspired craft? Well, no. That’s not the way to go. Because skill and method overcomes any amount of inspiration. The trick is to develop a form to bypass the unexpected inspiration with measurable and expected steps which produce a perfect replica of said inspiration.

The best advice is simply “Do the Work.” Just get the thing done at all costs. Whether it ends up a fantastic work of art or gets shelved in shame. The experience is what the creator should seek. That is where the lesson is hidden. Method hides behind obligation and force, not random blessings.

Skill is a knife carved out of wood, inspiration is someone handing over the wooden knife. The difference is when forced to replicate it, bits and piece of the process are understood versus being given a wooden knife and having zero clue where or how it was created. Understanding is...

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The way I experience reality is just that, The Way I Experience Reality. My experience is unique and applies to no one but myself. Even if someone else goes through a situation identical to mine at the very moment I do, everything we’ve experienced in life up to that moment has shaped how we’ll react to the situation. If our entire lives weren’t identical then our reactions will differ. That is the nature of reality. We’re shaped by our environment just as much as our genetic makeup.

This means our opinions and where we see purpose and meaning are shaped by our experiences. Even if all the masses agree on an “average” good or evil scale. And we agree on rules, more or less. It’s all still because it’s as close to being on the same page as we can get.

Inherent meaning remains subjective to the individual believing there is such a thing and then deciding to ignore the opposing opinions against the argument. Simply the existence of a counter argument means there is a counter argument to be made. A case against the inherent, thus something exists that doesn’t perceive the inherent in the first place and doesn’t react upon it.

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Meaning & Purpose

A short explanation on how there is no such thing as right or wrong!



Meaning and Purpose are words that describe a subjective combination of Rationality and Imagination.
The objective universe has no meaning or purpose.

There is no inherent good without first there being a judgement on something else being bad. Good and bad are not mutually exclusive, rather, they have a symbiotic existence. They’re vastly dependent on one another. Additionally, both good and bad vary widely depending on the subjective judger. The same way one might believe abortion is bad because a life is being taken, another might believe suffering is being prevented and thus it is good.

Meaning and Purpose are synonymous in this case, and like...

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Creation, my relationship with it is bittersweet. I’m obsessed and can’t stop, but then I have no time to do anything else. And I’m only really enjoying myself when I can’t figure something out. Otherwise it’s routine and mundane.

Freedom is the feeling I get. Using the tools I’ve learned in life and applying them to the creative process. The aesthetics and the practical are all just as important, and attempting to align them is a learning experience on its own.

I make because I learn from making. I learn to make new things. The prophecy will continue to fulfill itself. My obsession will continue to grow. I will get overwhelmed and that’s when the fun will begin.


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The 80s: A Tale of Explosions

A Flash Fiction story using 80s Cliche Tropes:


Cut to a car chase. Black glistening roads, rainclouds for twenty years. It hasn’t stopped once. Brightly lit sky blue neon street signs whiz by as Officer Alex “Rex” Thunder peruses the suspect from street to street dodging traffic.

Both street and sky sidewalks are densely packed with spectators in the latest Illumination Wear. Neon red and green clothing appear as light smudges when racing down the city streets at 450mph.

Screens on most buildings advertise products for sale. The new watch that’ll control your car. Self-warming jacket. But here and there you see the chase displayed on the side of news station buildings. They follow its development from hover cars above the tallest towers.

For five years Rex has followed the clues never expecting it to lead to this person, a close friend. Working alone on the case and fueled only by the hunger for revenge he finally found where this friend hid.

The suspect’s silhouette jumps from the car and darts into a nightclub, “Juicies” displayed in blinding red letters on the business’s face. He disappears behind the crowd of neatly lit people.

The dark cloud lingering over New Neo City forced fashion trends to lean towards bright clothing that lights up to compensate for the everlasting night. Designers frenzied over the possibility and dubbed the city The Dark Fashion Capital. Within ten years the city’s fashion had morphed into an entirely new beast in business and tourism and dragged in criminal...

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Alien Report

Observations Report:

Planet: Sun 3
Density: Moderate
Magnetic Poles: Strong
Molten Core: Active
Tectonic Plates: Many
Seasons: 4
Weather: Variety

Fauna: Lush
Fauna Intellect: Pre-Conscious, 77% to meeting the ‘Intelligent Life’ Bar
Flora: Lush
Atmosphere: Dissipating

These biological creatures seem to coexist with machines of all type.
They’re viciously hostile to other biological life forms but seem nearly symbiotic with...

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Stuck In The Trap

If the government decided to turn on you
What the fuck do you think you goin’ do?
With a pistol, maybe an automatic and a couple of homies?
You going to fist fight that tank when you’re standin’ there alone and lonely?
Everyone you know  behind bars ‘cause pigs got scared
And picked you one by one out of your cars
This game is rigged, shit ain’t fair, you better open your eyes if you going to live out here
Wise up and get ready ‘cause the war is near
Strap down with what you have sitting around
Ears to the ground, hear the whispering sound of plot
Rotting in the minds and hearts of a dark cloud
An omen brought back from the slave days
Meant to erase the rise once caught, put a stop to it merely days after it starts

But the distraction is an expansive trap
Crossing borders and roped to heads we’re not

Blacks vs whites or human vs human   
People vs government or human vs human
Poor vs rich, but they’re both powerless if its the person with the powers wish
This dirt vs that dirt atop the same rock, made by the same god, circling the same star
Take a left for the government to fuck the people, take a right for the companies to fuck the people
Choose what distraction you rather focus on than move from inaction and bring the system down
Frozen and stiff, stuck screaming at each other while some shady figure with the strings tied tight controls all the shit you see and say and think, as if free will was a real thing

We’re the only history with no idea what’s happening behind the curtain while we’re on the stage acting
Characters in a play we don’t know of and don’t understand but are forced to stay in for however long it lasts

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Second Amendment Rights

...as the Black Community attempts to add ownership restrictions out of fear that the White Community would be a danger if armed.

In both instances Government Politics sides with the Caucasian population.

In the 1950s and 1960s the African American population armed itself to avoid being killed by the Caucasian population.

In the 2000s and 2010s the African American population attempts to unarm general population to avoid being killed by the Caucasian population.

Ultimately none of this matters. The government has bigger guns than either side is allowed to own. If government military decided to rise up against us there is nothing a fully automatic rifle could do to stop it. A Nuke versus a rifle seems unfair in the first place. It’s that easy to erase proof of our existence.

They keep us debating the guns against each other while keeping eyes off of the fact that they get to own what they’d like. If civilians are unarmed the government is a threat. If civilians are armed then civilians are a threat. In both cases to the Black Community.

This is a stereotype that holds some half-truths. The Black Community kills its own constantly. The White Community also kills it’s on constantly. The black community kills the white consistently. The white community kills the black consistently. It’s all equal.

Media is a tool that allows a simple thing to occur and it is to feed the desired image to the general population.
In predominantly white communities only inform on when a black community member commits a crime against a white community member.
In predominantly black communities only inform on when a white community member commits a crime against a black community member.
As this becomes the most stable image...

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Rise The Fuck Up

...clarity is at the top
It’s relative to be able to pay the cost
Don’t speak and don’t think
Black and Blue don’t know what to do
Both see arms pointing back so they do too
Who’s who
The fucking American dream of standing in lines from 9 to 5
Hoping to die whether a heart attack or car accident, we don’t mind
Fantasizing asylums since it’s no different then what we’re living
Watching the time pass...

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Mysterious God

...If we do, there is no need for a God.
If we pray, are we asking for something already on God’s perfect plan? So it’s not a miracle but rather something that was going to happen regardless of our involvement, making the act of praying meaningless and fruitless in the first place. Or is he answering our prayer against his perfect plan? Maybe his plan wasn’t perfect and our prayer made it a little better? No. Then why pray?
If someone’s death is part of God’s plan, he’s okay with death, we’re the ones...

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Block the Block

I tend to forget writer’s block is a thing unless I’m actively thinking about it. My solution is to write about the writer’s block itself which has altered my perception of it. It’s not thought of as a lack of writing, but rather, another subject worth writing about.

In fact, it’s a challenge to write new content when the topic is writer’s block. To exploit as much of it as possible for my benefit. Let the “negative” be twisted and turned on its head to become a positive experience.

Defeat is a state of mind achieved by only those who have quit. Lessons are a state of mind achieved by those who don’t give up. I choose to learn.


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Dark Out

...by prison bar streets with weaponized infant car seats. And this all happen last week. The future seems quite bleak.

A 40, a blunt, bitches, a fatherless child. A badged crooked blue suit with a slanted smile, gun to the back of the head of a deadbeat teen, nearly a child.

Black lightning invisible against the dark night. Sky scrapers grin down at the prisons they supervise. High steaks and red eyes, high eyes and red steaks are the prize.

Diminish where the finish line is and listen for the crimes hissing by. Whispers hidden in plain sight pissing on the little guy. Whizzing rounds...

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