Alien Report


Observations Report:

Planet: Sun 3
Density: Moderate
Magnetic Poles: Strong
Molten Core: Active
Tectonic Plates: Many
Seasons: 4
Weather: Variety

Fauna: Lush
Fauna Intellect: Pre-Conscious, 77% to meeting the ‘Intelligent Life’ Bar
Flora: Lush
Atmosphere: Dissipating

These biological creatures seem to coexist with machines of all type.
They’re viciously hostile to other biological life forms but seem nearly symbiotic with their machines. Mechanized augmentations and electric circuitry compensate for their weaknesses and enhance how they interact with their environment.
Many have adapted to travel inside large mechanical creatures, sheltered and bubbled away from other biological entities. As a collective they seem capable of communication across the planet through the use of a variety of waves, including radio.
The rate of development these creatures seem to be experiencing could be classified and unsustainable. Their atmosphere and oceans are increasingly more polluted. In several generations this planet might find itself barren and ready for colonization.

My recommendation is to send a probe every century until all signs of life are clear. Within two to three centuries it should be ready for terraforming.

The alternative is force.

They’ve only advanced technologically up to nuclear energy. Fusion has not yet been accomplished in any sustainable way. Threat level is at minimum. A small team of terraformers (10 to 15) would have no problem dealing with the life on the planet and prepping it ASAP.