We're Too Selfish to Try

We’re too selfish to try
We’ve gotta stop fighting
We’re dying trying to fix the problems we can’t stop denying
Long enough to admit we’re the cause
And that’s why we don’t cope
It’s fatal
We’re family that sits at different tables
Dad is always screaming and lying
We’re unable to stand up and start crying
Because we’re “supposed to be tough.”
Taught to obey and don’t know what to do when that’s punishable by death
Every last breath is wasted on tricks and illusions
We fucking torture people
And find it amusing to make films of the truth
When it’s happening right under our noses
We’re weak, slaves by contract and hopeless
We know this and still don’t focus on making better choices
Standing with our voices to make some fucking noise
They’re shaking the cage and every tiger in it is enraged
And we can clear that twenty foot range easy
But we’re complacent and stay
In deranged distractions it’s easier than losing lives rising to action
To make things right despite the loses
To stop this systematic rapture and capture the flame of something great that can be
At whatever cost we might need to foresee
It’s a dream for which we only seem to complain
Because we’re too scared to say bye and walk into the war with our heads held high
Knowing if we do it might be the day we die
We’re too selfish to try
We’re too selfish to try
Too scared and worried our comfortable stories will disrupt
We fear lines will blur and all we know will cease leaving us not knowing where else to go
We just don’t know anymore
The trap is real
Too many layers to peel to find their kryptonite they manage to bury on day one
It’s all or it’s nothing but if it’s not a rise they’ll always trick one side to stand in the way and divert the cause
While at the same time stepping aside out of the light to move the blame on
We’re too selfish to try