Stuck In The Trap


If the government decided to turn on you
What the fuck do you think you goin’ do?
With a pistol, maybe an automatic and a couple of homies?
You going to fist fight that tank when you’re standin’ there alone and lonely?
Everyone you know  behind bars ‘cause pigs got scared
And picked you one by one out of your cars
This game is rigged, shit ain’t fair, you better open your eyes if you going to live out here
Wise up and get ready ‘cause the war is near
Strap down with what you have sitting around
Ears to the ground, hear the whispering sound of plot
Rotting in the minds and hearts of a dark cloud
An omen brought back from the slave days
Meant to erase the rise once caught, put a stop to it merely days after it starts

But the distraction is an expansive trap
Crossing borders and roped to heads we’re not

Blacks vs whites or human vs human   
People vs government or human vs human
Poor vs rich, but they’re both powerless if its the person with the powers wish
This dirt vs that dirt atop the same rock, made by the same god, circling the same star
Take a left for the government to fuck the people, take a right for the companies to fuck the people
Choose what distraction you rather focus on than move from inaction and bring the system down
Frozen and stiff, stuck screaming at each other while some shady figure with the strings tied tight controls all the shit you see and say and think, as if free will was a real thing

We’re the only history with no idea what’s happening behind the curtain while we’re on the stage acting
Characters in a play we don’t know of and don’t understand but are forced to stay in for however long it lasts