Meaning & Purpose


Meaning and Purpose are words that describe a subjective combination of Rationality and Imagination.
The objective universe has no meaning or purpose.

There is no inherent good without first there being a judgement on something else being bad. Good and bad are not mutually exclusive, rather, they have a symbiotic existence. They’re vastly dependent on one another. Additionally, both good and bad vary widely depending on the subjective judger. The same way one might believe abortion is bad because a life is being taken, another might believe suffering is being prevented and thus it is good.

Meaning and Purpose are synonymous in this case, and like good or bad are subjective experiences.
One might find meaning in advancing technology over morality so that we might expand father out into the universe and increase our morality later when we are for sure safe. Another might think if we work on our morality first we’ll assure our safety and work together better to improve technology and expand later. Who is right or wrong at any given moment is really up to the judger’s circumstances and experiences over the course of their existence.

This point of this explanation is to promote understanding on how it all comes down to perspective. No one has a wrong or right perspective as their perspective is not their choosing, it’s actually influenced by their circumstances and environment. And on top of that, the meaning that gives perspective is made up. Judgers do no more than reveal themselves as individuals with so little introspection they believe there is truth behind their ideas rather than the fact they are just ideas.

Thanks for your time.
Remember: Think Grey for Objective Understanding is the road Empathy