The way I experience reality is just that, The Way I Experience Reality. My experience is unique and applies to no one but myself. Even if someone else goes through a situation identical to mine at the very moment I do, everything we’ve experienced in life up to that moment has shaped how we’ll react to the situation. If our entire lives weren’t identical then our reactions will differ. That is the nature of reality. We’re shaped by our environment just as much as our genetic makeup.

This means our opinions and where we see purpose and meaning are shaped by our experiences. Even if all the masses agree on an “average” good or evil scale. And we agree on rules, more or less. It’s all still because it’s as close to being on the same page as we can get.

Inherent meaning remains subjective to the individual believing there is such a thing and then deciding to ignore the opposing opinions against the argument. Simply the existence of a counter argument means there is a counter argument to be made. A case against the inherent, thus something exists that doesn’t perceive the inherent in the first place and doesn’t react upon it.