Mysterious God


Mortals pretend they understand divinity.
A god which works in mysterious ways, is perfect and has a perfect plan can somehow be understood by mortals?
I’m confused.
This is wrong, that is right. How do you know? God is perfect and we do not understand perfection… do we? If we do, there is no need for a God.
If we pray, are we asking for something already on God’s perfect plan? So it’s not a miracle but rather something that was going to happen regardless of our involvement, making the act of praying meaningless and fruitless in the first place. Or is he answering our prayer against his perfect plan? Maybe his plan wasn’t perfect and our prayer made it a little better? No. Then why pray?
If someone’s death is part of God’s plan, he’s okay with death, we’re the ones scared of it. If someone’s death isn’t part of God’s plan he’s either unaware that it’s happening, doesn’t care that it’s happening or is unable to stop it from happening… No? How do we resolve this one, since we understand him so well?
Catholic? Why pray to a statue representing your God rather than directly reaching out to God? Who the hell are these apostles you pray to? Didn’t the bible specify directly only to pray to Jehovah? What’s up with this?
How lucky you were born into the right religion out of ALL the religions, right? Never mind that your family and friends are all the same religion.  Never mind the fact that your beliefs are the most likely for a person in your geographical area, right. You’re god just happens to be the right one. Lucky you, man. Sucks for the rest of the world that’s going straight to hell. Thought God loved everyone. The all loving God who hates gays, women and anyone who doesn’t believe in him, and for whatever reason put most people in a region where they don’t believe in him. You lucked the fuck out.
Islamic? How tragic that God cares about aesthetics so much, right? God’s fashion sense is divine, don’t question it.
Sucks for women that God likes men better and only made women as property. He’s divine, we don’t need to understand. We just obey, right?
I lost the memo where God explained these things. I don’t want your interpretation of it. I want God’s direct original statement. Give me that so I can follow it to the T. Nothing manmade or inspired by God, I’ve inspired people to do shit that didn’t turn out too well. I want direct work.
There is none?