Rise The Fuck Up


Pending cages for the many races
Pig and badged but forced to enact in ways
Trigger finger playing in the background for days
Bodies hitting pavement
Peeling back the layers reveals the rage and the hating
Niggas staying faded
Cause choices been misplaced by faceless suits and ties
Truth’s all lies and diverted eyes criticize and scrutinize distractions
Only fraction of the factions make lasting impression on the masses
Sliding by the lower classes and ending as disasters
Fueling the pockets of monsters
Ducking rules and planting bombs
Fucking fools drool prone to the narrative
Hazy at the bottom so clarity is at the top
It’s relative to be able to pay the cost
Don’t speak and don’t think
Black and Blue don’t know what to do
Both see arms pointing back so they do too
Who’s who
The fucking American dream of standing in lines from 9 to 5
Hoping to die whether a heart attack or car accident, we don’t mind
Fantasizing asylums since it’s no different then what we’re living
Watching the time pass and giving up walking room
Disassociating as a hobby just to get through
Living third person through games and videos
Stress relief after following orders
Before punishment for obedience
Is anyone else seeing this?