Athios is the God of objectivity. Responsible for creating reality in two opposite, but equal forms. The first is the universe as we understanding (the physical, the mental and the spiritual emotional universe). This universe has infinite variations and arrangements. The second is the perfect version of each possibility, the perfect version of every reality and universe and as a result, the perfect version of the individual person.

Both creations by Athios occur an infinite number of times, in an infinite number of variations.  They are always polar opposite to each other. They are always equal to each other. Equal Opposites.

Only one rule is provided by Athios' request which must be followed and it is punishable with bad karma when disobeyed. The rule is to maintain utmost honesty in all regards, at all times.

This gets pretty dark pretty quickly, but it ultimately suggests that regardless of circumstance, begin by being first honest to the personal self. Whatever it might be one feels is most right for who they are and what their purposes might be us what they must pursue; whatever we as an individuals want and desire most; the way we feel is the most natural way to behave; it must all be perused because it is the truest version of ourselves. All these things are how we must always be.

If one is a liar they must lie as often as feels natural because telling the truth more than that is punishable. The same goes for telling the truth, if it is who one is and for whatever reason they lie unnaturally, it is punishable. Killers must kill if it is what feels right, or else they shall be punished. The same goes for non-killers who take lives. Sex addicts should be addicted to sex, assholes should always be an asshole. People who don't care about others emotions shouldn't pretend to, and those that do, shouldn't pretend not to. The most natural state of mind, desire, being, and so on. Athios only asks of us to be that.

Athios wants us to follow what is personally right, not what society has dictated is right or wrong despite him having already given us a rule.

Through pure honesty, those who are meant to be around us will attract and those that are not meant will repel. Unnatural conflict, both internal and external, go resolved and equilibrium is established.

In following the rules of Athios, one will achieve peace of mind and enlightenment.