365 Group 3


...normal by pillow standards. It’s a pillow made of feathers, let’s say. Its average length and average width and average high. It’s been around for an average amount of time. Now imagine there is an identical pillow with the slight difference that it has a foam fabric on the inside rather than feathers. Now imagine a third only slightly different from the second, in which instead of being average sized, it’s slightly bigger than the previous. Continue this for as long as you’d like changing any one category to anything possible within the given perimeters and the possibilities are endless. Maybe one of the pillows hasn’t been around a normal amount of time, maybe it is a million year old pillow. Maybe one has always existed and never didn’t exist. Maybe one of them...

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Perceptual Layout

...serves as the one obvious distinction between the physical world and the perceiver within said physical world. And the perceiver has a sense that they are not abstract and are different from all other things within the 3D space.

The perceiver comes with inner thought. This is the internal voice of the perceiver, which they consider to be an extension of themselves, and the inner environment in which the voice is placed which feels as though it is not an extension of the perceiver.

The distinction between the perceiver of universe A and their inner thoughts can be made by comparing inner experience to outer experience.


Let’s say the outer perceiver decides they fear rollercoasters and refuse to get onboard. Upon remembering why they fear the rollercoaster they...

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...their purposes might be us what they must pursue; whatever we as an individuals want and desire most; the way we feel is the most natural way to behave; it must all be perused because it is the truest version of ourselves. All these things are how we must always be.

If one is a liar they must lie as often as feels natural because telling the truth more than that is punishable. The same goes for telling the truth, if it is who one is and for whatever reason they lie unnaturally, it is punishable. Killers must kill if it is what feels right, or else they shall be punished. The same goes for non-killers who take lives. Sex addicts should be addicted to sex, assholes should always be an asshole. People who don't care about others emotions shouldn't pretend to, and those that do, shouldn't...

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Knowing the self is the only way to improve.
To reflect and face the madness that goes denied, ignored and neglected.
The superego within our souls fights rational thought with its powerful emotions.
Driven by nature, it’s a force that is unstoppable.
But understanding that the mind, body and soul come as one establishes equilibrium.
The acknowledged flaw becomes a strength in the mind of the wise.
Unresolved issues remain issue unresolved.

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A Day At The Office

...the last three years it’s been drained into the river of a nearby town. The deaths have increased and threats of lawsuits have rattled the company. It’s $100,000 for removing the pipe polluting their water supply.

The public’s reaction could come back negative and affect business. The debate is to determine whether we do anything at all, buy a mile of their land and knock it all down or find a way to blame it on the city and let them fix it. Ideally...

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His Name is Rob

Hand that

I’m not playing when I’m saying what I’m saying
I mean every single word
To me this isn’t a game

It’s done for the money
Not done for the fame

Do it for the Me
It’s the reason that I’m sane
My brain can’t be tamed
It’s not ashamed this same name has gained the fame I can’t claim

Tear drops for the weak willed
Overfilled cups...

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...in this perpetual limbo of trying to be understood, but being too weird or detached for anyone to cross to my side. And if I try to relate to those around me it comes off as fake or offensive because changing who I am to adapt to other people IS FAKE.

And still I try. I require social interaction to function. I’m highly extroverted. It doesn’t seem to matter, though. I might try and try to connect, to relate, to understand and still get nowhere. No one wants me to relate to them. No one wants me to understand them. They all just want me to say they’re right and agree through nods or some shit and then be on my way. No one is interested in knowing how my mind...

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...and a long drag later Isaiah is following Sebastian. Then he’s walking faster. Finally he runs right by Sebastian.

The cleric begins to run and the celestial takes flight close to the ground and burst into a ball of fire aimed straight for them.

Isaiah drops to one knee and using his back Sebastian propels himself high into the sky and then fires a blast launching him too high up to see. Isaiah sinking and vanishing into the dirt mere seconds...

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Grant Inspiration

...determined hands continues forward towards some nonexistent goal.

Thoughts in distress and panic beg for forgiveness. For a chance to avoid this purposeless punishment. But it will not be granted. They shall not be freed. They are the inspiration, caged and tortured. Their pain is real thus it must be bottled...

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