Unreasonable Emotions


How easily the weak minded fall for the tricks of the true monsters behind it all. Bleak future, the spineless call.

Don’t red pussy pill pop like the “woke” sheeple ignoring the blue pill in one hand to impress other people. Just to take the red one from the other hand of that same motherfucker, man.

It’s the same blue pill you took. Food coloring.

Stupid people making stands on opposite sides, opening way for the plans of the man that’s truly in command.

The distraction is the fight. Keep you actively right in their line of sight.

Focused on this symbol placed before you to mislead you into thinking he’s the problem.

As if he has power.

As if he can do anything.

As if he’s not obviously a harmless troll.

Let the delusional do what they will. Couldn’t hurt a fly.

But emotions promote irrational devotion to illogical causes. Reasons, the loss is.