A Day At The Office


Standing in a hated suit before fake people. Suits of people, sheep in suits, like me. Meet and greet, great. Let’s see where this waste of life goes. Topic of the night is whether or not we’re bothered by the diseases and deaths caused by the chemical waste from our facility. For the last three years it’s been drained into the river of a nearby town. The deaths have increased and threats of lawsuits have rattled the company. It’s $100,000 for removing the pipe polluting their water supply.

The public’s reaction could come back negative and affect business. The debate is to determine whether we do anything at all, buy a mile of their land and knock it all down or find a way to blame it on the city and let them fix it. Ideally, blaming it on the city seems the most beneficial because we avoid having to come up with a plan to dodge paying medical treatment for the affected town’s folk.

Boss changes the topic when we begin to discuss what death toll is acceptable for worry. He tells us a funny story about his boat. He bought it a week ago for 450,000.

Only thing I'm worried about is how much I hate the suit I'm in.