Repairing The United States: Government Programs


With the following sets of adjustments to legislation and government we’ll be able to have a functional set of government programs for the Left without ever intruding on the rights for the Right.

1.       Do not allow religion to interfere with government as not all citizens are theists and not all theists believe in the same deities.

2.       Allow all government programs to run off of tax payer dollars the way they currently do.

3.       Give all voting citizens the right to choose whether or not they want their individual and personal tax to go to government programs. This will assure all who rather keep their money can, while the government programs continue to run from the pockets of those which opted in.

4.       Give citizens the right to decide which government programs they’d like their tax to go to and in which percentages they’d like it distributed.

5.       Non-tax payers with no income are allowed to take part in whichever programs are meant for their respective situations and circumstances.

6.       Any individual with income and tax dollars that does not opt in has no right to the government programs they do not give tax to.

7.       Those who have taken advantage of the benefits but decide to no longer commit the tax dollars are dealt a bill with the price of the services not yet covered by the tax dollars.

Example: $100,000 surgery through government healthcare is free, but only when the individual is committing tax dollars to maintain the program. If the patient decides they want to remove their tax dollars from healthcare, their total committed number to healthcare in tax is calculated and subtracted from the $100,000 and dealt as a bill. If the patient’s total tax commitment has added up to 5,000 for universal healthcare when they stop donating healthcare tax dollars they are given a bill for $95,000.

This will assure both sides get what they want instead of having one or the other and forcing the opposing side to do something it does not want. Unite as the different states you are… like… like some United States or something! That’s why the S is there, isn’t it? Because it is more than one state of order? Let’s keep the ‘S’ and “The” in ‘The United States’, we don’t have to be a United State.