Nazi Sympathizer


Are Nazis even real? Well, let me run a thought experiment by you.

First, picture a Latino or Latina. Let’s say Puerto Rican. Now, ask that Puerto Rican which is the greatest ethnicity or race of all time, and I’m sure they’ll say Puerto Rican.

Do the same for a person of the African community, and they say Black.

So, we call these people proud, it is pride which guides them to say these things.

But if we ask these same things of anyone white and they say that some white race is the best, they are by extension a Nazi…

If they try to celebrate their white pride, like the Puerto Rican parade or the LGBT parade, or simply a day to celebrate their pride, we call them Nazis.

I personally know people which claim to be racist, but it’s much different than you, who avoids being around these people, think. See, I know a reborn Nazi, and they are open about it. They do in fact believe their race is superior. But, they also believe other people are still people and deserve all the same rights because they are people. As people we are no different within society. As races, he just finds Germans to be superior. Now, he claims he’s a Reborn Nazi, and he’s quite proud of his “superiority” but he’s never been violent, he’s never not heard me speak or heard my opinions. He’s never attempted to exterminate me or really has a problem with me. And I am quite dark skinned. He does simple believe Germans are better than whatever I might be.

I call it pride in his heritage.

And don’t get it twisted, he does in fact believe outside of the structure of current society he deserves more than other races and that he is genetically pure. And then we go for coffee and talk about cars.

Now, his belief must be pride, less all other none white races simply be the Nazis of their respective groups. The Puerto Rican Nazi whom finds Puerto Ricans superior. The Dominican which finds Dominicans superior. The African which finds Africans superior. Whatever the case might be, we’re all just a bunch of hypocrites in denial unwilling to admit we’re either all Nazis because we believe our races to be better, or we’re all proud, including the white people who are proud in their heritage.

Many businesses run by people of a single ethnic group only hire other people of their same ethnic group and no one says a thing. A white person does it and it's racist discrimination. And don't get me wrong, there is such a thing as racist discriminating, but you'll never be able to tell it apart, so don't punish the innocent people because of the guilty few, unless you will also force other ethnic groups to do the same hire outside their own kind. The white guy at the bodega, the black girl at the 7/11, the middle eastern man at Holster.

I am half and half. Puerto Rican and English. And don’t get it confused, I do believe out of my two heritages the inferior one is the Latino one and the superior to be the white, in this case. Because I know of the great accomplishments of my people, and I know my Beautiful Perfect Queen has done some straight gangster shit to keep the WORLD safe, because the US only thinks it’s the big dog, in reality, Russia, North Korea and the United States are weak little isolated places filled with pathetically prideful imbecilic overgrown children which haven’t accomplished much other than large scale destruction, and as big and bad as they find themselves they wouldn’t so much as gaze at land beneath the crown without quaking in fear. But do a single google search on the counties under the crown and realize the scale of peace one woman and one government have managed to maintain. England is the true big dog, and we don’t need to make much noise to prove the point. Come visit and see.

I also know the other little Island with my other people is drenched in ignorance and violence. Refusal to learn, refusal to improve, refusal to adopt a scientific outlook on the world. Refusal to acknowledge other people as people. Refusal to welcome those with differences. Refusal to mature. Early pregnancies everywhere. Low education. And much of this is by choice, through upbringing and intentional suppression of knowledge. And this is Puerto Rico, the sad little island filled with the largest most dangerous hypocrites in the world. You can tell that island is associated with the United States from an ocean away.

And does this make me a racist Nazi? Is my awareness of true accomplishment and pride in true success equal to being a Nazi? Or am I simply half proud of where I come from and half disappointed that many of my people are indistinguishable from animals? Whatever the case might be, if it is pride, you are also proud which is why you agree. If it is being a Nazi, you are also guilty of being a Nazi and your self-reflection tells you to feel bad or deny it because Nazi is a bad word and you so badly want to fit in. But believe me, if whatever race you are, if whatever ethnicity you are is the best in your eyes, if you are allowed to celebrate your pride, if you are allowed to rally your pride, if you are allowed to practice your pride… You are no different than a white person doing that. You are no different than a Latino doing that. You are no different than an African doing that. You are, on the other hand, quite the hypocrite. And it’s pretty clear to many of us. Regardless of how much denial you think is enough to convince the rest of the world, you are only convincing the idiots around you who already believed this.

We’re all proud or we’re all Nazis. There isn’t a “them or us” here. We’re just calling white pride Nazi. That’s it.

Guess I’m a dark skinned Nazi. Or a Nazi sympathizer. Or, I’m just fucking proud and you are an idiot.

If anything, there are just overall better people than the rest of us in every single race. I’m sure there is at least one African better than all other people regardless of race, and there is a white of those and a Spanish of those. We just inherently suck and don’t want to admit it. That’s all it is. We’re in denial of how whack we really are. The proof is the Olympics. The actual best people.