A Way to Fix America


Destroy the Politicians

If the new structure agreed to cooperate against the old structure success would be assured.
With the military and police force on board, the government could easily be overthrown by the people. Their only defense is the military and the police. Other than that they’re just bankers, politicians and millionaires. But the police and the military are the people and should stand for the people. If they did rebel and took control, responding only to votes decided by the civilians, the politicians would cease to matter. Their job would vanish and leadership of this type would cease.

Destroy the 1% & The Bankers

Finances only hold value if the people decide they do. Once they don’t the system stops mattering. If the New Structure could design a new currency to replace the current and agree as a collective to use this new exchange method billionaires would suddenly be the poorest people in the world as they’d be the last to think it’s relevant to adopt this currency. Acquiring all things would be filtered through this new system based on the barter system with traits from capitalism. Every possible contribution within communities is ranked in value to the community. It’s awarded to the individual performing the task based on how well the task was performed, whether or not it had to be done in the first place and set to a realistic standard expected of the typical person for that community, taking the individual's own ability into consideration. Thus a fair exchange. Any job too underpriced would go undone forcing the price to land somewhere agreeable for the majority of the community.

Destroy Company Control

To top it all off, middle-class workers run every corporate consumer building and buy every corporate consumer thing. There are people who “own” these businesses and products but those are just titles we allow them to have. If the entire middle class stopped working the rich would have no way to do anything with any of their product. They’d go to waste and the “owner” would instantly be a nobody. If the middle class decides to stop buying food and products from these companies they’d quickly go under and disappear. The attention for the “New Food” industry would be focused on farms and making them cleaner and safer for the communities they are based in. 100% of food resources going their way will afford them technology to enhance the quality of their product fueled by innovations produced by the well-funded scientific community.

Consumer products would then be produced by companies under the standards of the people consuming and owned by the people consuming, always based on a vote. The first version is bought and only those who’ve consumed get to vote on what the next version of this needs to be added or could do without. Anyone who’s not used their “Trade Currency” on the product has no influence over it.

Destroying Poverty

Every person is awarded a weekly cost of living to prevent homelessness and starvation. A set number per person. Excess is only possible for members being active and performing rewarding deeds within.

Fix Voting

Each month people propose a series of bills. After they’ve proposed the new rules the vote on them is streamed directly to the community cutting off their universal internet, cable, cell phones, and whatever other entertainment they have as well as cutting off the rights of any Legal Voter within their community who’s not voted until they vote. They’re not allowed to drive on the streets, use the transportation or anything of the sort. Voting should be easily accessible to all community members at all times so that at times of crisis quick response votes could be cast by the community. Additionally this package should come with a system that collects all information recorded pertaining to said topic so if a community member decided to get informed before voting it would be a click away from accurate objective information which should include recorded videos and audio by other civilians. News outlets within the community should all work with an exact budget and never more to prevent corrupt money based bias.