Headlights, Then Its Dark


She screams, “STAND CLEAR!” I wake up unable to move
Doctors covered in blood escorting family out of the room
“He’s back! He’s back!” The excited nurse began to assume
But I’d gone nowhere as far as I knew
“The pressure is dropping!” A doctor screams soon after all of the things go dark and the silence it brings goes far

“Don’t let me lose you.” I hear nearby
I open my eyes and I’m surprised and terrified
Barely holding my grip on the side of a tall cliff
If I fall off I’ll meet death
And I’m confused
But at least I’m not dying on the hospital bed
Unable to catch my breath, unable to move my head
“Don’t let me lose you!” I hear again
With a hand reaching out to grab me
My wife is here to guide me
She reaches over the side and pulls me up
I’m alive but she vanishes before my eyes
“What the fuck?” I ask before I’m pushed aside

“Stay CLEAR!” He screams just as I open my eyes and they meet his
The doctor races fancy tubes and mechanical things, on a cart he brings them
Starts to stab them into me
Plenty of little contraptions readily snapping through my flesh
Feeding oxygen until I’ve caught my breath

I open my eyes and the plane is losing altitude
I’m about to die if I don’t figure out what to do
My wife panics by my side strapped to her seat crying
Praying, she’s denying anything will happen
“God, I know everything is fine!” she says
Trying to get rid of the fear she feels inside
And I race to the cockpit
Empty, the pilots have gotten lost
When I finally see the mountain coming closer I start to panic
“Is it all over?” I start to ask when we slam in

I open my eyes
And I’m in casket
Where’s the hospital bed I was at
The cliff I was hanging off of
And I open my eyes
I’m in my bed
My wife sleeping by my side
My eyes tear up
I begin to cry

I open my eyes
The car is flipped over
We’re upside down
Covered in blood, don’t hear a sound
And my wife is hanging by my side
Screaming her name but she won’t reply

I wake up in bed alone
Bottle empty on the bed
Next to an old photo