The United States of 99% Undereducated


Considering human nature, a country which forces its population to pay for advanced education is collectively a country with lower IQ. Only the wealthy can access the expensive information. Intellectual competition exists only within the same financial circles, thus few feel challenged enough to improve. There is nothing to overcome when everyone is intellectually inferior.

In countries where education is free everyone is on the same educational page. They can challenge each other to improve and thus the countries collective IQ is higher.

This puts the United States "advanced educational system" as quite possibly one of the lowest quality when it comes to practicality and resourcefulness. By charging many who can't afford don’t take part and the ability to improve is hindered because the masses don’t participate. With the few minds that do have access it takes much longer than it would with entire counties of developed minds.


This is the irony of The United States. Ultimately the chase the country has embarked on for money and power is quite literally the same chase slowing the country down. Everyone knows information is power. And if only 1% can access the information then only 1% has power. Compared to countries where the information is readily available to the general population. Countries could get upwards of 50% engagement thus 50% of the general population has power and the country is stronger than those who do not. In other words, by default, any country with free education brings in more money in less time than any country without free education. The population brings the value and a powerless population equals a powerless country.


For the people are the country.