We're Too Selfish To Try: Part 2


Make a move
Establish order
Do what you have to do to maintain control
Or it’s over
This race is starting
We’re not invited
It looks like the bombs started dropping
There’s no time to hide behind led walls just to cry when shit gets rotten
Stand tall or start dying
The fall comes soon
They won’t worn us when our turn is due
It’ll come on though and we won’t know what to do
We’re not ready to face the truth
We taste what they feed
Don’t stand on our own two feet
They plan to keep it this way
Every single day it’ll play out the same way until we make it happen our way
We’re all slaves
Need to break out of our chains
I don’t recommend you stand by just to see what the outcome might be
You won’t be around to see
You’re thinking it won’t come your way
You’re one of them so it’s okay
But like the rest of us you’re a pawn in this game that we’re all getting played in
The broken record plays and we pretend it’s okay to stay in the playpen at this age
That’s nonsense
Let’s rage at the project they fund of lives spend in cages
Designed by them just for fun and the finance
They’ll start running once they realize we’re on the rise and coming
There’s no reason if we just standby
They’ll continue to run our lives
From behind the minuscule screens cleverly placed before our eyes
On the other side suits and ties lead the march unaware they’re all wearing disguises
And we know it’s all lies
Denial is a bitch
We’re to selfish to try