Recovery Chapter 3: Greed


In this poem, Jack reflects on the manipulation of the people in his life. How his greed and sense of ownership have left him.


Knowledge and beauty feed the absolute
Collection provides the erection attention and truth
Manipulation of the state and ownership too
Surroundings fabricated as a way to masturbate
Ejaculate at the easy coast by the hard life
Slide by the fast lane
The rest stand by
Toys and pawns die at war
Won’t cry over broken eggs for omelets
Reason won’t be wrong
Their swan song won’t last long
Yet, here it hasn’t even started
They’re still rehearsing
Curtains won’t pull back just yet
Needs to be perfect
No regrets
Full force forward
Aligning all the stars
Using resources regardless of who gets scarred
Doggie eat world
Well the dog is gone
Cage is empty
Motherfucker is hungry

Wandering and lost
Wondering and lost
Are their thoughts part of the woven web?
Caught in a feedback loop
Unescapable the chaos
Mounted on silk walls
Is it made up?
Those around are masks
Put around in the past
Taught to speak
How to act
It’s all an act
It’s all an act
Lies fed vomited back
Puppet master tangled in his strings
Move an inch
Move it all
Move everything
It’s all rehearsed
No one gives a shit
It’s all an act
They just happen to think that it’s fact
But it’s not a fact
It’s a lie
But no one seems to know the truth
They just do what they’re programmed to
Made up the truth
Turn it into the truth they assumed
Done so often counter arguments blend in too